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The 1LAW4ALL Party is now a reality. Although I am not keen on the numberplate styling, I must say I do like the logo and the clever way the 1 doubles as the hole in the ONE.

There are some good people involved in the party — John Harrison and Tom Johnson in Hawkes Bay, Larry Wood and Candy Ostman in Nelson and Peter Cresswell in Auckland being the only ones to have so far identified themselves.

I hope the others will soon demonstrate the courage of their convictions.

I wish them well in attracting a suitable leader, deputy and candidates. The “build it and they will come” approach is bold and risky, and therefore deserves to succeed.

Their success at the ballot box will depend entirely on their finding a front person who can fire up the masses. Without that person, they’re a ghost party.

An inspirational, forward-focused Maori would, of course, be perfect.

The leader must crystallise the views of 80% of New Zealanders plainly and fearlessly, in the most challenging of forums. He or she must front foot every issue, never take a backward step, electrify the public, and terrify the Nats.

It must be a retail campaign that grabs the millions, not a wholesale campaign that impresses the thousands.

The party should bring good Kiwis together, and persuade good Maori to stand up to the Grievers.

For some time, as you know, I’ve been proposing a single-issue party called Together New Zealand. I thought the inclusive model was the way to go.

But in the end the organisational expertise and funds have gone with the 1LAW4ALL concept.

While I’m disappointed not to be in the loop, I did the best I could with what I had. I hope these 158 posts and dozens of media and live appearances have made a bit of a difference.

Over the last eighteen months, I’ve surprised myself by how little I mind fighting our opponents.

Fronting up to Hone Harawira on Close Up, Chris Finlayson at Orewa, Metiria Turei and Joris de Bres on Maori TV, Willie and JT on Radio Live and in Truth, the security guards at Te Papa and John Key and the iwi thug at Waitangi have been easier than I expected.

(Mainly because they have no answers to plainly-stated truths.)

But squabbling with friends I find deeply depressing. (And I have more than enough in common with John Kirwan and Stephen Fry in that regard already.)

So it’s time for me to step away from this issue, at least for a while, and see if I can make a difference in another important area — that of language.

To the many readers who’ve helped me in so many ways, a sincere thank you.

If you continue to see posts on this site that you find useful, feel free to keep supporting it. I have dozens of unfinished posts, which I hope to finish as the inspiration returns. At the moment there’s not much gas in the tank, but that may well change.

Otherwise, I suggest you get behind the 1LAW4ALL guys and help them deliver on their potential.

Some time ago, I said I’d be speaking tonight in Hastings, and next Tuesday at Otago University. Those appearances have been cancelled.

203 thoughts on “Over to U, 1LAW4ALL

    1. Yes, Devoy never generated much confidence in me. What little amount of spine she may have had has now bent double under the need to be seen to be PC.

      Thus she puts all her energy into cartoons and Winnie sounding off about Chinese millionaires while the real racists keep their snouts in the trough guzzling ever greater amounts of racist money and resources.

      My mother has a saying: ‘strain at gnats and swallow camels’. Akin to ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’.

      If their was any doubt before this has removed the last of it. Ms. Devoy is now officially part of the problem rather than the solution.

      1. A persons “culture” is personal to the individual,same as religion,
        and should never be incorporated into the political system of a democratic country as has happened by stealth in NZ.

    1. Speaking as a Christian, I do not have a problem with schools reciting prayers. However I respect the rights of those who do not want to be a part of this,

      If you attend a Catholic school, then prayer is part of the curriculum as would be expected.

      I would expect that in a state school, a philosophy of abstaining from endorsing any official prayers would be the attitude. After all, if they say an official Christian prayer then the Muslims should have the ability to say an official Muslim prayer, then the Hindus……

      There is or should be nothing to prevent any pupil from having the right to quietly or in solitude whisper their own prayers at appropriate times if they so wish.

      These principals are being extremely devious in claiming that it is not ‘religious’ but ‘cultural’. This is nonsense. Maori never had a culture of praying to a ‘lord’. It is an adoption of Christianity – the religion brought to these shores by white people.
      These principals should be sacked. If they are so stupid they can’t tell the difference between religion and culture (which is also inappropriate to force onto children) then they have no place teaching our children let alone heading our schools.
      And if they realise their stupidity but keep doing it anyway then the principals have no principle and should go on those grounds as well.

      1. Also, maoris never had any culture: no art, no dance, no literature, no music – ie no culture. Plenty of cannibalism and infanticide and murder and slavery and ugliness and violence and warfare – but no culture. Nothing about them should be lyingly described in NZ schools and tertiary institutions as culture.

      2. I don’t think that’s fair, for all one may feel strongly about the Treaty gravy train crowd. Maori of that era appear to have had art, song, dance, sculpture, weaving, carving, and so on. I struggle to imagine any race that is devoid of some artistic expression. It seems to me to be in the psyche of humanity – for all its dark sides.

      3. Simon, I am not sure which era you are referring to, but in the pre-European era the only Maori “culture” was continuous warfare, stone weapons and tattoos. There was no written language, a very basic spoken language, very crude art at best, no music as they had not discovered the basics of music – mainly the tonic sol fa. No wheel, only very crude building design, no agriculture or animal husbandry. Most of what is now called Maori “culture” came about after European colonisation, from which they learnt and borrowed and adapted rapidly. Prior to that they were a very primitive, brutish Stone Age race – completely unaware of the Renaissance, Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, philosophy, government, religion, trade, manufacturing …. you get the picture. In short, Barry’s summary is correct, and very fair indeed.

      4. Europeans had a flag, so maori copied. Europeans understood about a ‘country’ and had names for countries so maori copied. Europeans had a king, so maori copied. Europeans had farming and conservation techniques….so maori copied. Europeans had a new year and celebration so maori copied. Europeans had music and songs so maori copied. Europeans had sport so now maori have their own rugby team as if they invented it!! And so it goes on…..the maori culture that is force fed into our schools to brainwash young kiwis is all copycat BS. Their original culture was so dysfunctional and embarrassing they have stolen pieces from the Europeans and altered it with a so called maori flavour and now proclaim it as maori culture. What a miserable plastic phoney thieving ‘culture’ it is.

  1. Hi All and FYI

    NZCPR are now also running a petition for Local Government Reform. The link is below.


    If you have any doubt as to why it should be signed, please also read Michael Coote’s submission on the draft Auckland Unitary Plan (D-AUP) as it refers to Mana Whenua. See Breaking Views.


    Local government is as much a potential problem as central government. Please sign the petition

      1. Thanks Trina and for all your posts. – its good that we keep talking

        For anyone with an interest in Auckland.

        The draft UAP informal submissions closed 31st May.
        The Proposed Plan will be notified through Public Notices (Herald) and on the Auckland Council website around end of September 2013. There will be approx two month window of opportunity to make written submissions. I have noted my diary!

  2. I have signed it. As for the draft informal submissions that had to be got in by 31st of May, did anyone in Auckland follow the successful initiative:
    Formed in reply to the alarming lack of real info on the whole plan, people really got mobilised -especially in Takapuna (meetings up to 200 -300 people). It has all the hallmarks of the new well organised ‘uprisings’ that are growing. Listen to the clip with interview of spokesperson for the group -22,000 submissions went in!
    It is the new power of a democratic process which will grow -with a fight of course!
    Kiwis are waking up, (maybe being woken up is more to the point).

    1. Carolyn H
      Hi and thanks for your post and link.
      Very encouraging that so many people attended the meetings and that there were 22,000 submissions. I will try to attend a workshop.
      If all that ratepayer input doesn’t wake up the drafters of the plan, what will?!

    1. Did you see the news last night where Hone wants Government (NZers) to build 10,000 houses a year for Maori only, and that those houses should only be sold on to Maori?

      The politicians did not agree with race based housing last night.

      We will watch this space . . . .

  3. Yeah, but the average kiwi not interested in politics, will see John Key say “no” to Harawira and then think that Key is doing a good job….totally oblivious of all the traitorous acts he, Finlayson and co are getting away with. It would be better if Key agreed!! These politicians are so slimey, the whole thing could be staged to get Keys ratings up and a backroom deal done with Hone in private..

      1. Yes a great read Posted it on 1law4all. This needs to get to as many people as possible. Well done Amy

  4. Thanks John.
    I like Amy’s words.
    “But we can, and we will, win it back, so that all New Zealanders, equal in their rights and responsibilities, inherit a far happier and prosperous country”

    1. A very good letter from the Independent Constitutional Review Panel to Bill English. It will be interesting to see the reply – if any – and whether it will make a difference to the obviously pre-determined outcome wanted by the Maori party, with the incredibly limp connivance of National.

  5. Excellent letter from David Round It will be interesting to see the reply —if any — as you say
    I didnt get any response from Chris Finlayson to my letter asking for Tuhoe evidence They obviously dont like dealing with facts

  6. Bruce…in modern speak, it’s called the elephant in the room.

    This is how one aspiring MP cast his vote yesterday: http://www.hawkesbaytoday.co.nz/news/ikaroa-Rawhiti-by-election-profiles/1925311/
    This outwardly aggressive posturing is not only seen as acceptable to most in Maoridom ,,,it is celebrated. You can understand why some say that until there is a move away from this dogmatic adherence to a long past warrior culture, violence is always going to be a part of it.

  7. True Tamati….a quote from that article….”By far the key themes from each town we’ve gone to, to meet the people, has been poverty, housing and jobs.”
    All these problems will only continue to grow until they realise that their own socialist/ tribalist ethos is the driver that will make all that they complain about much worse.
    They are advocating more of what caused the problem as a fix!

    1. Yes, the Conservatives are the better bet in my view. Today they are alerting people to the rather hidden submission procedure for objecting to the renaming of the North & South Islands, and urging last-minute submissions:

      ” They are calling for submissions on the use of alternative names for the North and South Islands. Submissions are simple to make on line, and hopefully it will still be possible to do it even after 5pm today. But you will need to be quick. Here are the links:

      South Island:

      North Island

      Simply fill out your name and contact details, tick the box of your choice and give your reason/s for your choice.

      Thanks for being involved in democracy! ”

      I have entered my objection.

  8. Isn’t this BS maori language week being taken too far (again) by the PC morons at TV1 and TV3? The maoris not only slaughtered each other but also the english language, so why the hell should I care a toss about how to pronounce their make-it-up-as-you-go language? If “Taupo” was supposed to be pronounced Toe-paw (or whatever these so-called maori academics claim is right), it would have been spelled that way two hundred years ago. I just wish the TV1 roaming journalist would ask me what I thought of this maori language week, because I would tell them exactly what I think of it.

  9. Having just returned from overseas i’m still trying to catch up. Am I missing something here? These great posts, which I entirely agree with, are written under John’s article where he is more or less removing himself from everything, but there has been no mention of it in the posts. Perhaps it has all been said and I have yet to come across it as I still have a massive amount of reading to do to catch up.

    Can I for one say how sorry I am, John, that you may not be with us now. I hope I have got that wrong. Whatever the case, you have been absolutely fantastic and so much credit has to go to you but I do hope that you will be able to return at some stage. I know before I went away your mother was ill (I hope she has now recovered) and other family members too and I seem to think one passed away, so perhaps you need a long deserved break.

    All the best and I do hope we hear from you again very soon.

  10. Welcome back Helen.
    Has anyone else noticed that the Sunlive website is stopping a lot of comment now if it seems to tell the unattractive truth about maori? Most of my comments are not published now, no matter how tame they are. Maybe Sunlive had a visit from the mafia (iwi) bro’s with an offer they just couldn’t refuse?!

    1. I had a brief email conversation with the editor Brian Rogers about this as many of my comments had not made it through either.
      He claimed ‘technical faults’ and subsequently some (but not all) of my comments were posted..
      A while ago he ran a piece in the Sun asking if Merivale was the most dangerous suburb in Tauranga. This was after a number of high profile violent offences there.
      The head of the Merivale Community Centre until recently (in reality the Merivale MAORI community centre), one Graham Cameron, led the protest against John Ansell when JA had his Tauranga meeting last year. He is a senior member of a local tribe that has just received $millions in settlement money.
      Cameron also staged a protest outside the Suns offices after they ran the Merivale piece and obtained an abject apology and backdown from Brian Rogers.
      So it’s debatable just how much backbone Rogers really has.

      1. I was also at that meeting last year and saw Cameron there. I later asked him why he used a Community Centre car and money for equipment (placards etc) to protest against JA, because I do not believe all Merrivale was anti free speech. Cameron seemed to think he was like some kind of peoples leader and could use those funds as he saw fit. When he got to have his say courtesy of a very generous JA, all he could blab about was how he was a “moli” and how proud he was. I guess us non-molis don’t have a right to be proud of who we are like the molis do. The large unattractive girl he had working for him taking intimidating photos of everybody who attended that meeting was another who thinks she is more special than any non-moli. Keep up the great letters and work Mike!

      2. Yes Derejk, I was also at that meeting.
        I also spoke to Cameron afterwards. You may remember that when he was invited top speak he said that ‘his tribe’ was receiving $millions in settlement money and one of his main concerns for the future was how they were going to spend all that loot.
        Nice problem to have eh?
        I asked him what he thought about all us non Maori’s having to shoulder the burden of paying for Maori privilege? He smirked and said he couldn’t care less.

    2. Thanks, Derejk. I thought Councils were cash strapped so where do they find these millions for ‘Maori issues’? It seems totally endless and the money just keep on sloshing out of the purse willy nilly in enormous numbers.

      Sadly, I can see the only way forward is for people to start marching in the streets in huge numbers. That’s the only way to make the lily-livered burearcrats who are bowing and scraping to anything ‘Maori’ to sit up and take notice and to finally realise that we have all had enough.

      We should do what the Icelandic man (Horder Torfarsen or something) did to achieve change re the disastrous banking situation in Iceland. He picketed Parliament for weeks and eventually achieved resignations. Although, sadly I think it is starting to revert back to the bad times again.

  11. yes I agree Derejk they are definitely publishing a reduced number of letters
    regarding TOW and maori issues than previous.They do state that other letters can be viewed online

    It is reported in the Bay Sun that the BOP Regional Council has received a sum of about $700000 from Hone Key for wait for it-“The implementation of TreatySettlements”

    The money $700k includes for the establishment of a “Co Governance Committee” that is to include non elected appointed iwi members by iwi and the iwi just rotate new iwi for the committee every three years(keep it in the tribe bro),the other members of the committee because they are not “ethnically special” have to be elected by the electorate in usual democratic way and have to stand for election every three years.

    Local body elections coming up later in the year and this separatist
    co government programme being implemented by Hone Key and Finlayson will be an issue to be raised.

    Its happening all over the country makes me bloody sick

    1. Also in that article – written by a Tauranga councillor, he said that the BOP settlements were costing upwards of $500 million and that Maori were already saying this was only around 1% of what ‘they lost’.
      Stay tuned.

  12. Re submissons for the re naming of the north and south island in maori

    Beaware that the panel receiving the submissions is racially based with 90% of its members being part maori including steve oregan who recently reffered to people who object to maori privilege as “NAZIS”

    somehow I think the chances that your objections will receive a fair and unbiased hearing are about the same as “hell freezing over”

  13. I think that the 1LAW4ALL party is in dire need of somebody like John Ansell. Their website /party seems as dead as a door nail…

  14. I don’t watch that “Seven Sharp” PC rubbish but my friend phoned to watch a snippet about a man who started “The Pakeha Party” who basically wants all non-maori to have the same privileges as maori (isn’t that just a preposterous racist idea?!!). He has over 19000 “likes” on his facebook page already in just a day or two. It’s not a political party, just an idea at the moment. Someone interviewed said that for non-maori to have the same privileges as maori was just sooo racist!! There really are some dumb PC kiwis around but so far there’s 19000+ who have had a gutsful of maori theft and rorts.
    Yes HW, that 1law4all website seems dead. This is the only website where we can come and talk to other like minded kiwis sick of racist maori privileges. There is the NZCPR website too. Anyone know of any others?

  15. The pakeha party are going to have a website up and running very soon maybe able to talk with likeminded folk if they open a blogsite

    let us hope that this party may ignite a pakeha “spring”19000 and climbing
    This part maori priviledge issue is just starting to gain a lot of traction
    Hone key will have his party hacks watching

    racial equality political parties
    nz conservative party
    pakeha party
    nz first ?
    act ?

    I agree 1law4all does not cut it for conversing with one another

    1. The guy from the pakeha party was interviewed by Garner this afternoon.Garner treated him with the usual biased approach and then dissed him after the interview.
      This facebook move and the response just shows what is boiling out there and how people are so frustrated at what is going on but don’t know what to do about it.
      At the present time only the Conservative Party are on track.
      lets make this facebook thing take off and see where it goes.

    1. The idea of a calling an anti Maori-racism party the ‘Pakeha’ party is just absurd and further proof of how warped the NZ mentality is.

      Did American blacks call their movements the “Nigger party”?
      Did Black South Africans call their movements the “Kaffir party”? or a “Wog Party”?
      Even Hone Harawira knows not to call his party the “Hori Party”

      But here is a guy happy to define his movement by the derogatory and racist title his enemies call him!

      I realise that at least he is attempting to do something but calling yourself the ‘White Foreigner Stranger Party’ is just playing to the enemy don’t you think?

  16. Mike you are totally right I hate the word it is derogatory
    Pa –village Keha — flea
    Maori liked to have a european living with them to give them skills they didnt have and to negotiate with ships etc in the early days on their behalf
    Its not hard to see where the term came from even though many try to deny it

  17. We don’t seem to have any fresh contributions from Mr Ansell himself any more – and you people sound like you’re all just barking in an echo-chamber. What happened? Did Louis Crimp stop paying John’s invoices?

  18. A quote from the Honky DonKey

    “”We’re a multicultural society based on a bicultural foundation. We’re a hell of a lot better country for having that and if people want to go off on their separatist ways, they’re free to do that,”

    So what he and Findlayson are doing is not separatist? I dont know what to say!

    Either he’s on hallucigens or we all are.

    1. Typical confused nonsense rhetoric from Mr. Key.

      How can the country be multicultural on a bi-cultural foundation? It is an oxymoron – a contradiction in terms

      NZ has never been bi-cultural. It was formed by a mixture of white people from many different cultures including English, Dutch, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, plus a smattering of other European cultures, plus a smattering of Asian (mainly Chinese but also various cultures such as Indian), plus polynesian from various countries/islands – most with differing cultures, plus the fragmented and divided Maori community.

      Very quickly then we became a melting pot of dozens of cultures and sub cultures. The foundation of our law and political process was English.

      The Maori community abandoned much of their inferior way of life and adopted varying blends of these new and superior cultures. Most other people have also abandoned certain aspects of their original cultures and taken on aspects of others.

      We are a mongrel breed of dozens of cultures. Intelligent people keep the best of their way of life and adopt apsects of other’s ways if they are more beneficial. And long may it continue.

  19. The Pakeha Party now up to 37,878 likes and being discussed on other forums.
    A vigorous one going on on geekzone.
    Anyone want to lay odds that it will overtake John Keys 41k likes?

  20. Unless the founders of the “Pakeha Party” are getting more clued up about the TOW and Waitangi Tribunal issues they will do more bad than good I believe. In the interview with Duncan Garner , David Ruck did not come off very well in my humble opinion.
    I am at a loss why this new Facebook thing get’s so much more attention then Johns Treatygate, and the NZCPR, which are both much more knowlegable about historic facts, and pointing them out.
    All I can think of is the name : NCPR , 1LAW4ALL, Together New Zealand and such sound quite tame in comparison .Pakeha Party sounds more extreme and the media is all over it.
    It does show the growing discontent though.

    Hopefully all the Facebook contributors get directed to the NCPR to sign their petition.

    I would have loved to see a cooperation between John A and Muriel Newman , but alas…

    1. HW….I would love to see co-operation on this issue between all the informed, like minded people….1law4all, John Ansell, Muriel Newman, Mike Butler, David Round, Reuben Chapple, Amy Brookes, John Robinson, Paul Moon, Ross Baker….and the list goes on and on….it would then make big waves…but alas….

      There would be enough voltage in it, that Mr Key and Co and the media would have to listen.

      The ‘Pakeha Party’ Facebook flood is proof that the support is waiting out there.

    2. Possibly they have found a market amongst a younger more social media savvy audience and with people that know something is wrong but don’t know any of the real history.
      It may show that JA was wrong about the extent of the brainwashing of the younger generations. If so that is excellent news.

      1. You could be right there….I hope so.
        JA was probably right about the extent of the brownwashing but perhaps there are some who can evaluate and think for themselves….

    3. I like The Pakeha Party. It’s a retail name, and it’s catching on like wildfire.

      I thought about it too, but didn’t want to exclude immigrants like my wife. On reflection, that was oversensitive. So is worrying about the meaning of pakeha.
      Good on these guys. They just need to bone up on the history. When they do they’ll see that

      1. How about a few more people than just me put Treatygate and 1law4all links on The Pakeha Party page.

        Also, who can tell us definitively the meaning of the word Pakeha?

        We’ve heard so many definitions . . .

  21. The pakeha party may be part of the answer in stopping the problem of the moarification of nz and therefore needs to be encouraged in everyway possible

    Some of the less than encouraging comments on this blog about the pakeha
    parties name, and other negatives about them are not helpfull to the cause.

    You are either part of the answer or part of the problem

    In a few days they have accomplished getting traction with a wide section of the population(37000 and counting)) on this issue that others have failed to achieve.

    So lets have some constructive ideas of how we can help them succeed.
    God knows they are going to need someone of the stature and experience of John Ansell to advise them about the realities of political enemies and a media that is also a big part of the maori ” problem”.

      1. Good. I disagree with you Albert. The use of the dreaded P word leaves them on the wrong side of the debate before they even start.
        But they may serve a useful purpose in getting media mileage that may eventually move followers over to movements that have genuine abilities to move forward.

  22. Personally I think it is great he is getting so many likes because it shows just how much frustration is out there. I very much doubt a Pakeha Party will start up. That would be crazy and just split the vote.

    I already wish the leaders we already have in this matter would join together as they could really make a difference as one. The Conservative Party has some good press releases on their website and in their latest newsletter. Perhaps the Pakeha Party guy would also come on board.

    1. Hi Helen.
      I hear (via Terry Wallbank’s site) Colin Craig is on Prime tonight at 10:30 on Backbenchers.
      And Ruck is being interviewed by TV3 news today (on tonight?) and is on going on Jono and Ben at 10

  23. Now 45,120 likes.
    And yes, Helen I think it does give an indication of the frustration people feel towards certain policies and a desire for change that is growing.
    Also shows how quickly social media can get the message across.
    I hear what you are saying about the Conservative Party etc

  24. Totally agree Helen at the moment though a bit of publicity on the issue is good especially the number of likes
    Raises the awareness of the groundswell of of opinion

  25. “Heard you speak on the rock this afternoon and i think you are the man!!! truer words have never been spoken and I think its about time someone stood up for the pakeha in our country and stopped the maori/mana parties being so racist towards us. Keep at it man!!!”

    Comment on Pakeha Party facebook page a short time ago. So they have now had exposure on TVNZ, the Listener, Radio live The Rock and maybe others that I have missed.

    I agree with JA he may not know history but so far he seems to know how to get in front of the media.

  26. Think about it though…. he wouldn’t be the first crim to have sat in Parliament….he may do well..maybe even get a knighthood?

  27. The article above on Mr Ruck quotes JK as saying….

    “People can do what they like, but when you come to Parliament as a member of Parliament, you represent New Zealand and a modern day New Zealand is not a country full of just Pakehas”.

    Wise words and true…. and its not just full of Maoris either….and yet theres the Mana Party, the Maori Party, Maori Seats, Maori Beaches, Maori Lakes Maori Rivers, Maori Forests, Maori TV, Maori Fisheries, Maori want to own the Air, the Radio Spectrum,…etc etc..ad nauseum.
    Maori priviledge, Maori quotas and race based Maori funding, are almost everywhere… so perhaps if your govt would care to apply the logic in your statement across the board, to all races in NZ, Mr Key we could drop all the identity politics, quit playing the race cards and just get on with it and live and work together to build a better nation.

    Could we please?…before NZ becomes a very angry place again?

    1. I agree, Bruce. JK should take note of his words. I couldn’t believe it when I heard them – so alien to his own actions!!

    2. Bruce that is an excellent post sums it up well
      How JK could make that comment is beyond beleif
      It just shows once again how unprincipled they are

  28. Great to hear from you JA I totally agree that the Pakeha name is a good one 45000 likes is evidence of that.

    when asked on tvnz who it included ,Ruck he simply said “all the others”meaning all other citizens who were not getting the priviledges of part maori.

    1. When I looked at the Herald story about this almost every comment was that they agreed with the sentiment but abhorred the term and use of ‘Pakeha’.
      This guy and the site is just a flash in the pan and the name will not survive – it’s just too ironically dumb.
      But it is serving a useful if brief purpose – to further publicise how pissed people are about our racist country.

  29. In Tauranga 1law4all is holding a members meeting next week. Lets hope that from small acorns…..

    1. Hi Mike, do you know the venue and time of this meeting? I think I will go. BTW, did you see the greedy iwi are claiming all the area, including the hotpools, at the bottom of the Mount? They say nothing will change….but we all know the lucrative ‘co management’ fees will fleece the ever suffering ratepayers even more. Every time a fence post needs to go in, the maori mafia need consulting and meetings and maori prayer to ensure it doesn’t damage a sacred pipi shell. The rorts are endless.

      1. Hi Derejk, this Thursday 18th July, Classic Flyers 3pm. May need to be a member to get in, not sure.

  30. What you need to do then is send an invite via the pakeha party on facebook.See if that generates some response.

  31. For more years than I care to remember, our politicians have forced us to put up with their lies, liberalism, destruction of traditional values, backstabbing, Maori-isation of NZ and egotistical self interest. With many of us fed up to the back teeth, and genuinely concerned about the reverse racism and apartheid Pakeha are now facing along with society’s spiral downwards to the sewers and lowest common denominator, we are left to despair at the likely future we’ll be leaving our children and our children’s children.

    I am very buoyed by the support being earned by Colin Craig and the Conservative Party of New Zealand. Go the Conservatives ….. at last a voice for equality, One Nation, values and sanity in New Zealand politics!!

    Everyone to their own but hey – I recommend people to check out their website, manifesto/policies and if they strike a chord with you, maybe “Like” their Facebook page, join their email Newsletter or maybe even become a member of the party! I realise that in a perfect world 1LAW4ALL and other such parties/causes would get our vote, HOWEVER, is it best to vote for 100% of what we would like but fail to have a voice OR vote for someone who supports our biggest cause (one law for all/100% equality) AND is almost certain to have a HUGE influence because they are VERY likely to hold the “Balance of Power” following the next general election!! Food for thought!


      1. Simple Simon ….. I can tell the emphasis within the name must be SIMPLE. Good luck with that Simon – you must lead a very unfulfilled life. lol

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