New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taumaha o Aotearoa, Treatygate

On TV One Breakfast 7.20am tomorrow

TVNZ rang today seeking my views on the renaming of the North and South Islands.

The so-called ‘public consultation’ phase of the NZ Geographic Board’s no-doubt already-decided Maorification process has apparently closed.

Now it just remains for the government fence-sitter in charge of place names, Maurice Williamson, to fly in the face of 80% of the public and announce that our islands will henceforth be known as Tei Ika a Maui North Island and Te Wai Pounamu South Island.

By the time I’d responded to the reporter’s request to appear on the Breakfast programme, they’d already found someone else.

But after I unloaded my none-too-subtle thoughts on this latest attempt to sidestep the will of the people, her producer decided to put me on after all!

I have a little surprise in store.

Catch me if you can. 7.20am Wednesday.


47 thoughts on “On TV One Breakfast 7.20am tomorrow

  1. Good luck, John. I’ve left myself a note to watch the programme as I don’t usually turn the TV on during the day.

    By the way, it’s great to hear ‘your voice’ again. Hope you have had a good break and are raring to go again.

  2. P.S. I hope they don’t get up to their usual ‘trick’s and load the programme against you. You can handle that though.

  3. They’ve told me my opponent is a marketing professor from Auckland Uni. It doesn’t matter — with the stunt I’m planning, I only need about 15 seconds of clear airtime.

    And no, I’m not raring to go again.

    I’m living in a nice country town where I’m happy exploring my artistic side, supported by lots of nice, friendly, intelligent people (many of them Maori, incidentally).

    I was quite content to let 1LAW4ALL and the Pakeha Party save the country for me.

    But since TVNZ asked me, I thought it would be remiss of me not to make the most of a national audience.

    Getting up at 4.30am to drive to a faraway studio is not my idea of fun though!

  4. Glad to see your still their John even tho your living the simple life these days. It must have been draining banging your head against the wall to wake nzrs up. Sum that care are still their. Should be Murials site 100days site traetygate all together. Theirs so much talent and ppl that care about this land of ALL of ours

  5. I’d be happy with that, Ron. I agree with Amy Brooke’s analysis that we need direct democracy, and Muriel’s site is the bedrock on which most positive movements for change are based.

  6. Hi John
    Good luck tomorrow. I’m overseas but would like to watch. If possible, could your interview segment also be posted on Treatygate?

  7. Damn – didn’t see this post until this morning and missed the item by 10 minutes.
    Instead i watched the post mortem. Sam the weatherman was all for it (of course) but although he pretended he was a proud brown noser he couldn’t even manage to say ‘Maori’ the way they want it pronounced these days. So 1980’s. Why he bends over backwards to wrestle with another language when he can’t even speak English properly (‘I’m gonna’, ‘d’ya know?’) is beyond me. I guess that’s what happens when you sell out your culture and integrity.
    The two presenters then read from some incoming emails/texts that were claimed to be representative of opinion(ha!). Most they read were gushingly in favour. The few they read that were against they derided as ‘racist rants’. Surprise, surprise.
    No one had the nous to point out that even if it has been decided to rename them on ‘cultural grounds, the name for the North Island should be Aotearoa as per tradition.

  8. Hi John,
    I didn’t know of you or 1law4all / Treatyygate prior to today however I’m very thankful of your appearance on breakfast this morning, I’m glad you didn’t forgo the opportunity to voice concerns the majority of “down to earth Kiwi’s” have. Your comments came across in a very fair, articulate and level headed manner, nice work. I’m sure you have drummed up extra support and awareness with your appearance and can only hope it can influence government decisions on what is fair for all.

    Thanks again.
    Matt – a new supporter of your views

  9. Good show John, the marketing research line a telling blow. I thought I saw him flinch a little. best wishes.

  10. Thank you John for saying what all of true kiwi’s also think this morning on the tv1 debate… we believed we live in a democracy, unlike that strange american import who obviously has an agenda and allegiance to something else other than our way of life and democracy and even his mention of ‘stalingrad’ .. excuse me? what on earth is he trying to say about or align our beautiful nation to? I think its high time the ‘communist’ was shipped out of NZ off on the next boat home!…(incidentally do you know what his name is? or his position? as I missed the introduction)

  11. That was great John. You got the point across in such a short slot you were given. People are getting sick of this Maoriization of names and anything else the grivers can manipulate through the Treaty.

  12. Hi John….great to hear from you again….I missed the interview but would love to watch it…any chance of posting it on this site?

    PS… this site is still the best blog site. Proof of that..t didnt even stop while you were absent.

  13. Hi John
    Today is the first I have known of Treatygate and your past work but I can tell you now, what an impressive statement you made on Breakfast this morning. My wife is of Moari decent and I am English/South African, and in the years that I have been living in this beautiful country, I have always expressed my views on how democracy and public view has been swept under the rug and overlooked, many characteristics that can be observed in many other countries, all over the world. Being from South Africa though, I am automatically dropped into the ‘Racist’ basket. However, my wife told me of you debate and she mentioned her aligning view, with yours and how impressed she was with the way you spoke and carried the debate. So much so she hunted down the link and sent it through to me this morning.
    I will make an effort to keep updated and support work.
    From my family and I, I would just like to thank you. I hope you keep up the good fight.

  14. Having now watched the video via the link (thanks Helen) I add my thanks and praise to your appearance this morning.
    I especially liked your calm, considered and reasoned approach to the issue.

  15. Hello John

    What a nice surprise to find a new entry from you. Missed it all at the time but have just listened to it now. You did it so well I thought, very matter of fact and clearly understood, without the excess words used by academics which make you end up saying to yourself, ‘what was that about?’ Happens often as far as I’m concerned. Simple is best, as they say, and most of us want that. I note you have already acquired some new allies, good for you.

  16. Excellent challenge, John. These trendy, lefty Canadians are taking over our bureaucracy. Not happy with keeping their First Nation peoples down on the reserves, they want to stuff up things for us too.

  17. yes john you slipped in some very sharp points specialy the nz name change by stelth. you came across non raciast with very valid points.
    hope to see much more of this

  18. Hi John
    I missed the interview but have caught up on it now
    Very impressed with your fronting up, said it all, great presentation !
    Maurice Williamson oh gee I wonder what his decision will be after his very considered thinking !

  19. Hello John.
    Thank you for doing the interview and for making the early morning effort.
    I watched the recording, well worth while and I really do think the numerous issues which you have articulated are beginning to register with more people – especially younger adults.

  20. This sickness we hate has taken hold all over the world.

    When George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin in the US during a confrontation about what he was doing, half of American went nuts about white on black racism – despite the fact that Zimmerman is exactly as white as President Obama and had no reported animosity against blacks before the incident.

    White Australian Chris Lane was shot in the back and killed while out jogging, by black teenagers who had previously posted social media comments about how much they hated whites, wanted to do harm to whites and that 90% of whites are nasty people. Despite this the police are saying there is ‘no reason to believe this killing is race based’.

    Duh. And the media nods and agrees.

    1. True Mike ….that its the PC media that is driving all this mind polution…..they act like they are the voice of the people but they are not.. 80% disagree. They are hugely complicit in this march of tyranny…..Gramsci must be smiling.

  21. “* Supermarket chain rolls out bilingual signage
    Tokoroa’s former store manager, Mike Olsen, who’s a Pakeha – says after mainly positive feedback Countdown’s decided to introduce the Maori-English signs permanently in all its new stores. … al-signage ”

    I have just emailed Countdown and suggested to them that they might better serve their customers if they labelled their food for country of origin and level of preservatives and colourings etc.
    Our local Westpac branch is also adorned with Maori signage.
    I don’t get these corporates do they really think that this sort of move will go down well with the majority of their customers?


    $27m to go to “Maori Education Strategy”…. because (surprise!) they arent doing well.
    When will someone tell the truth about why some part maori dont do well?Immigrants who dont even speak English as a first language can get degrees…but part maoris cant?
    Heres the simple truth….Its all about aspiration and work ethics.

    Those part maori who do succeed blow this BS arguement out of the water.
    The succcessful ones prove that part maoris can do it…they just have to make the effort….like everyone else who makes it.
    If they dont want to or cant be bothered or whatever….$27million or $27 billion, will make zero difference.

    We are taxed to the hilt to accomodate these fairytales…to the point of stiffling the economy…the amount of wasted money is criminal and tragic.

    Footnote;…I see Cunliffe wants a CGT plus more tax on “Rich Pricks”….OMG!
    Maybe we should just sign over everything we own to the Polit-bureau and they can spend it how they see fit…..that may sound silly but its not far from whats going on anyway.

    1. You are so right, Bruce. It is appalling the amount of our dollars that have been poured into ‘things Maori’. I bet if they added it up they would be stunned. It has been going on for as long as I can remember and my mother before me and if they are still pouring it in, then it definitely isn’t working or going to make any difference whatsoever.

      Many part-Maori are good hard working citizens so it just goes to prove that their part Maori blood has nothing to do with it. Like you said it is hard work and aspiration. Too many lack both. I would say this continuing Treaty gravy train has a lot to do with the negative statistics. They grow up with the believe that the rest of us owe them something. We must bring it to a grinding halt – quickly. I just wish I knew how!!

      1. Totally agree with that. I am noticing that it seems to have become a popular defence from those within the grievance industry to justify race based hand-outs by stating that TOW claims settlement figures aren’t that great of an amount compared to overall national social welfare pay-outs etc. But these dishonest crooks never tell the whole truth which would see all ongoing tax payer funding going toward “maori” things also factored into the race based rorting figures.

        The second part of your post is a great summary of the situation pertaining to ” maori” under achievement in relation to race based hand-outs. And how in actual fact granting special concessions and hand-outs based on race generally only further encourages a lack of work ethic and achievement.
        The only thing I could add is that it is just such a huge shame that so many ” maori” themselves can’t see how they are being manipulated into this cruel trap by the rancid radicals and snout in trough grievance industry rorters (both white and brown) who create positions and incomes for themselves by maintaining this cancerous rot.

  23. Recently I took my son to a Career Expo in Tga. I started talking to a nurse at the ‘Health Industry’ stand. I asked her why “the treaty” was pushed so much in this field and told her how they are missing out on some great kids because of it. She said maori need special attention and scoffed when I suggested special attention be based on need, not race. We talked more about it but neither of us were willing to compromise our ideas, she believing she had the moral high ground. In the end, she told me I should go and live in a different country!!! What an arrogant blah blah ( rhymes with ‘stitch’). It is so sad to see that the brainwashing of average kiwis has been so successful. She is advocating blatant racism but thinks she can justify it. Every tyrant on earth justified their policies in the name of something or other. She just could not see that racism is racism, no matter who gets the benefits.

    1. And that’s the end of the argument as far as the racists go. “If you don’t like our racism, go and live in a different country’. Hitler was saying this in the late 1920’s early 1930’s. By the middle – late 1930’s he was forcibly evicting those fellow citizens who did not agree with his racism from their homes and then later sent them to the gas chambers.

    1. That is an excellent summary of all that has gone wrong in NZ and increasingly it seems, elsewhere over the last 40 years.

    2. Well done on your researching Bruce it was a very interesting read indeed.

      Keep up the great work good people, its very refreshing and liberating/empowering to know that people are finally waking up to the BS being peddled by the modern day Globalist snake oil salesmen. Kia Kaha. Peace, out.

  24. It really confirms my worst fears. However, I’m amazed that it was so bad right back in the early 1990’s. I know I returned from 7 years overseas in 1995 and I was shocked then at what was going on and that’s when I started agitating for change through my local MP and everyone from the Prime Minister down – achieving nothing of course.

    However, it is very sobering to actually read the disgusting goings on from someone who was actually right in the thick of it.

    It’s now become ingrained and is going to be one hard mindset to shift. But shift it we must, and quickly, as it’s costing billions and achieving nothing in improved outcomes for these lazy upturned palmed leeches!! They need to join this country and work hard by their own efforts to make it great again.

      1. So given all that ( in the above article)…..who would be keen on a Maori Medical Specialist or Jet Pilot?….
        Both would hold your life in their hands but got through on way lower pass marks and we know it.

        This “postive discrimination” will become a negative and work against their credibility….

        Its hard to believe the stupidity.

      2. I’ve been thinking the same Bruce. I will now think twice before I go to a ‘maori’ professional, especially in health. Unfortunately those who have done the hard work themselves, like the rest of us, will get caught up in this negativity too but how do you distinguish between them and the ones who have had an easy ride AND all paid for by the State.

        This country is going to rack and ruin courtesy of the appeasers continually dishing up our dollars at the drop of a hat – and big dollars at that!!

  25. True that Bruce , all the more reason to tip the status quo on their heads, hold them to account and get on with what is fair and just in this life I reckon.

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