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Titford’s partner: trial a ‘joke’

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My thanks to elocal editor Mykeljon Winckel, who has allowed me to release this story to you a day before it appears in his publication.

The fearless yet likeable ‘MJ’ — son of a Dutch war hero — is one of New Zealand’s few honest media owners. We’re lucky to have him.

Marcian Thomas was also interviewed for TVNZ’s Sunday programme, which screens tomorrow at 7.30pm.

Also appearing will be Susan Cochrane/Kakarana/Titford, so it will be interesting to see if TVNZ’s balance is any better than that of the Sunday Star-Times.

18 thoughts on “Titford’s partner: trial a ‘joke’

  1. I will be watching Sunday tomorrow night with interest. I don’t trust the media however so am not too hopeful that there will be balance. I do hope I have to eat my words!! This is a shocking case. It will be shocking if he is indeed proven to be guilty and even more shocking if he is not.

    Until he has been able to mount his own defence without hindrance, and with a competent lawyer, then to me a miscarriage of justice has occurred under the law.

  2. You can be 99% certain that anything from state owned TVNZ will be airing to leave little doubt of Titfords guilt in the eyes of the public. I too will watch with extreme interest.

  3. Thank you for sending me this. My first reaction is : frightening ramifications not only for him, but for the whole country !! I hope the truth will come out on appeal. Julie Robinson

  4. I watched Sunday last night. The program achieved its undoubted objective with a Gold Star. Marcian Thomas was the most convincing, calm, credible and educated person being questioned in my view.

    I look forward to developments.

    1. It was a disgracefully biased programme. Marcian T. did not get much screen time at all. Obviously, her input didn’t suit the finger-wagging tone of condemnation the makers were aiming for. You were left with the impression that Allan Titford must be a complete Jekyll & Hyde character. There were no hard questions asked of his former family at all, and they appeared to have been very well coached. Anything inconvenient would have been edited out. Most people watching would have formed the opinion that AT is a very bad man, and that his family and the local Maoris are rather saintly in their victimhood. Some very hard evidence to the contrary will be needed if there is to be any chance of vindication. Overall, quite depressing.

      Mariama Kamo makes my skin crawl with her smirking and judgemental gestures. Does anyone else have a problem watching her – or is it just me ?

      1. I too have a problem with Miriama Kamo full stop. She is totally wrong in that job. Her gesticulations rile me every time I see her, not to mention the way she talks out of the side of her mouth (something she perhaps can’t help but not good for fronting on TV).

        Yes, I too felt the programme was totally biased. It would have been interesting when the oldest daughter said they took things they wanted out of the house before the fire was lit, as to what exactly they took out. The chips were stacked against Allan Titford with not only his ex wife saying what she said but by being backed up by three of the children, whereas Marcian ran solo.

        It’s quite possible that Allan Titford was a stern father and maybe he expected the children to work hard. That’s not a hanging offence and would be the norm in many households I imagine. However, I find it incredible that his ex wife didn’t speak to someone in all those years if life was so unbearable. After all, wasn’t her father in the Police service at the time for starters? He would have seen that no harm came to her if she spoke out.

        I felt Marcian was much more credible. If he was so bad this would have been a good ‘out’ for her but she totally supported him.

  5. Marciann you where never in the room with Allan when he raped Sue so because he used you as a pawn , you need to honestly say that you can say 100% that he never did it??? you lie if you say you can. You never knew him before you shacked up with him or he did with you for convenience. You can rabbit on with all of your mates and say that he is innocent but he is the biggest liar and you are all being used. He cares nothing about any of you , just the fact that he got himself into this mess, now he uses you to get out of it. This is not about his loss of land, you are all experts on his marriage, sex life, capabilities of fathering children, NONE of you where there, YOU LIE when YOU ALL say YOU KNOW because you DONT. YOU CAN NEVER< EVER SAY FOR 100% THAT HE
    IS INNOCENT OF THE CHARGES. You all make yourselves look like idiots and the one nation party is a stupid as its policies and the idiots who are behind it. They obviously have something to financially gain by it.
    Its the same old story being rehashed over and over with Titford in goal racking his brains to think up more lies to make him look the poor me, boo hoo, who gives a monkeys? not me and a lot of other people in this country as well.
    No matter where this man went he caused trouble with the local authorities.
    From what I read, that Ross Baker and Ansell creep are as stupid as the day is old.
    Must be getting paid to make up all their stories that they know this and that,. they know nothing.
    I cant wait for the day when the mud slings back in their faces as mud sticks.
    Marciann , go get yourself another man, according to the writings from all these experts, he is unable to consumate his marriage, funny that, there is a child, and sex is painful, funny that, there is a kid, he disowned his own children, lowest of the low life, raped his wife, but according to all you experts who were in his bedroom, he never did because you all witnessed what he did, you where all standing at the bottom of his bed. and no he never chopped down the cherry tree because I cannot tell a lie? like come on, pathological liar. Titford does not know the truth anymore because he is twisted with the idea he was cheated on, that he cannot tell the difference between reality and fiction. He actually believes he is innocent, but then they all say that even on death row, must never let anyone know that there is some truth in the stories.
    Good on his wife and children which all you low lifes have crucfied, yes YOU all KNOW them personally and yes YOU all know that he never did what they said, but lets be really honest, DO YOU ? Fact the answer is NO.
    May God have mercy on your pathetic souls as you need to take the log out of your eyes before you take the speck out of his families.

      1. You insult Sue and her family, take it like the man you think you are.
        Dont give a hoot about publishing my email, means nothing.
        amazing how you have turned defensive, picking on “little bits” “were”.
        Ho hum,pretty boring stuff.

  6. funny that, no comments from the peanut gallery there . All the ones WHO Know everything, ?????????mmmmmm maybe the truth hurts when you see it so black and white?????

      1. Well John, the world is full of questions marks.
        One might ask why your party believe a man who beats, rapes, belittles and degrades his wife and children.?
        Who decides in your party that he is telling the truth, but as i said, YOU where not there.
        You have the words out of a mans mouth who is Jekell and Hyde.
        He only ever showed the face he wanted you to see>
        Why did Christine King throw him out? I bet it was because she could not trust him?
        I bet when his dear Marciann goes to visit her dear partner , I bet she gets a quick hello and hows the kid and then its all about me and what she has to do, go thru this , go thru that, do this get that, take this there and tell this.
        He is not interested in her, she is just a pawn to be moved around the board to do his dirty work.
        By the time he gets out a wrinkled old man, oh dear, his diabetes, the biggest joke out, the walking cane, hahahah, oh and I have to run to the toilet, hah oh for goodness sake, all people get told to play on something to try to get media pity and he is just playing the game. We all know that, it is what Politicians do and do well.
        Well John thats all the question marks, plenty of them.
        When you are playing a game to get your party up and going, you want to pick someone worthy.
        Oh and his old mate Donny Harrison well , he lies for him, he is no angel,
        Well best of luck John, i am waiting for your downfall as how the mighty fall along with your old mate Baker.

  7. Yes John, i love ????????, and maybe the world is shorter, but the day will come when you will ask yourself ????????? did I really believe that man, how could I have been so blind, never mind, the public wont feel anything for you, you will be out on your ear.

    1. Judging by the similarity of both comments (specifically their shared inability to spell the word “were”), John Morgan and Harry are the same person. One wonders why they need to fake their identities. With friends like this, Sue does not need enemies.

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