Allan Titford, Denise Whitehead, Sue Titford (Cochrane), Ulanda Titford

Ulanda Titford desperate to see her dad – and said Sue put sewage in his food

With some reluctance and sadness, I publish the following statements of a young Ulanda Titford, then aged 15.

Martin Doutré tells me he knew Ulanda as a nice young girl, whom he is sure has recently been pressured by her mother and Sue’s violent family into switching her allegiance, in exchange for money and safety for herself, partner and baby.

This is how much she detested her mother in 2011, and wanted to be with her father Allan — recently imprisoned for 24 years for supposedly abusing her, her mother and siblings…

Allan Titford - Ulanda Titford statement 2-2-11 p1

Allan Titford - Ulanda Titford statement 2-2-11 p2

Allan Titford - Ulanda Titford statement 2-2-11 p3

Sue says Ulanda was bribed to write the above.

Oh, and the below, written the same day…

Allan Titford - Ulanda Titford 2nd statement 2-2-11 p1Allan Titford - Ulanda Titford 2nd statement 2-2-11 p2

And this, written the next day…

Allan Titford - Ulanda Titford statement 3-2-11
Even though Ulanda desperately wanted her dad in her life, Sue’s protection order banned Allan from making any contact with his children.

This cost him dearly when Martin Doutré told Allan that his daughter Alyssa was roaming around the countryside out of control while under Sue’s care (she and a boyfriend having just stolen Martin’s car).

As a concerned dad, Allan decided to breach his protection order and ring Sue, and they had a long, amicable chat about the situation.

Then Sue reported Allan to the police, and he was locked up for four months — until Martin’s testimony got him released.

Amazingly, even if Allan had asked Martin to contact Alyssa — or Ulanda in the above case — Allan would still have been thrown in prison.

The state has destroyed his relationship with his children, and Sue has been free to fill their heads with terrifying stories of Allan wanting to kill them. Ulanda, for one, clearly had no such concerns about him.

Below is the statement of Denise Whitehead, the mother of Ulanda’s boyfriend Gene Hanham…

Allan Titford - Mrs Whitehead statement supporting Ulanda - phone nos. obscured


13 thoughts on “Ulanda Titford desperate to see her dad – and said Sue put sewage in his food

  1. Keep up the fight John. It could just be the issue to expose the other scams that NZ has endured for decades.

    1. The Titford case goes right to the heart of the corruption that I call Treatygate.

      Aided by dogged researchers like Ross Baker, Martin Doutre and Jean Jackson (and indeed his then-supportive wife Sue), Allan Titford outsmarted the state by proving the Te Roroa land claim to be groundless, and his sale agreement to have been not only forced out of him, but doctored to fleece him of more.

      The state responded by colluding with his greedy and dishonest wife to get him locked up for a quarter of a century on charges that were likely even more bogus than the land claim.

      When the truth comes out (if it does, the NZ media being just as corrupt as the state), the length of that sentence and the judge’s unusually partisan summing up remark — “Now New Zealanders will know the truth” — will prove to have been the turning point.

      If you want the truth to come out, for God’s sake don’t rely on the media.

      Far better to send a link to this blog to everyone you know and tell them to harass their MPs until John Key and Judith Collins get the message and give Allan a retrial.

      Since the state has fleeced him of his money and property, it will take a Deborah Manning type of lawyer (someone who will work pro bono in exchange for a high profile) to get him off.

      If anyone knows such a person, let’s know urgently.

  2. Alan Titford is so lucky to have you doing your bit for him, John. Keep it up. The more I hear the more I continue to believe that there is something very dodgy in this case. At the very least, he should be re-tried, given decent representation and allowed to present all the witnesses he feels could help his case.

    Until this happens I feel another grave injustice has occurred in this country. When you think about the other cases, they make a mockery of our so-called justice system. Injustice system sounds more correct.

  3. It is difficult to salvage anything from this story. Even vindication seems hollow in the midst of so much horror, so much destruction of human life. Perhaps the only source of consolation is to imagine a time in New Zealand’s future when people will look back upon the Allan Titford retrial as our ‘Dreyfus’ moment. Until such a time, go get ’em Zola!

      1. Look it up on Wikipedia. In essence, “The Dreyfus Affair” was a political scandal in fin-de-siecle France that threatened to bring about the collapse of the young Republic, such was extent of the corruption that it uncovered. The affair is often seen as a modern and universal symbol of injustice for reasons of state. The hero of the hour was the French writer, Emile Zola, who famously took up the cause by publishing an open letter on the front page of a major newspaper with the heading: “J’accuse…!” It was a direct attack on the political establishment in which evidence in the Dreyfus case was presented to the public and the guilty were named. (Watch the film: ‘The Life of Emile Zola’ and you will learn all about it.)

        I can only hope that the Titford case will be as explosive, and will have the same symbolic value, when the truth comes out. John, would you consider penning an open letter (“I accuse…!”) to bring this case to the attention of the public? As I read the details that you have brought to light on this blog, I am confident that Alan will get his retrial, Sue her comeuppance, and this appalling miscarriage of justice will be redressed. But to expose the broader issue of political corruption, it seems to me essential that this case becomes a matter of public interest and is not hidden away in the courts.

        And I echo your sentiment ayelalee: Sue, John Carter, Judge Harvey, and so many others, must be living with a sense of foreboding doom right now. Their time is almost up, and justice will be sweet. Cheats never prosper!

      2. Aloysius, while I appreciate your casting me as Emile Zola, should we succeed the heroes of the hour would be those who have laboured tirelessly for decades longer than Johnny-come-latelies like me.

        People like Ross Baker, Martin Doutre, Jean Jackson, and not forgetting Allan Titford himself.

        All the same, I’d sure love to write that “J’accuse” letter!

        But which newspaper would print it? That is the problem.

        The Dominion Post wouldn’t even run my ACT ad asking people if they’re “Fed up with pandering to Maori radicals?” (To which 80% of their readers would have replied “Yes!”)

        Corrupt politicians can defraud with impunity when the media are just as corrupt.

  4. OH MY GOD i cried when i read Ulandas affidavits ——- that poor girl that is SOOOO from the heart cant SOMEONE HELP THESE POOR KIDS !! Sue
    how much more can they handle ???


  5. Where were Gene and Ulanda when they wrote these statements ???
    Were they done at the Hikirangi police station ???

  6. I knew this family growing up. Nothing was as it seemed AT ALL. Allan was a very angry man. One minute everything was normal, next minute he was a raging lunatic. I went out with him and the kids one day – we all sat on the ute deck. We were all told to hop off, as i did he sped off, as he was coming back i had to move out the way to avoid getting run over.

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