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Freedom with Vinny

Vinny Eastwood & JA - 10-5-13

My two hours with the sympathetic Vinny Eastwood on American Freedom Radio allowed me more freedom to spell out my views than I’ve ever had before.

There were technical issues with the link from Texas, but I think it played OK. Over the phone I couldn’t hear too well, so missed some cues to ‘wrap it up’ before going into breaks.

You’ll find me here, just after Vinny’s interview with John Minto!

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2 hours on The Vinny Eastwood Show from 10am Saturday

Vinny Eastwood Show graphic and times

Listen to Treatygate LIVE on Saturday from 10am (not 12pm as it says above) at
American Freedom Radio.

Tomorrow, Saturday 11 May from 10am — 12pm (NOT 12pm-2pm as it says above), I’ll be broadcasting to the world via Skype on American Freedom Radio’s The Vinny Eastwood Show.

(No, I won’t be making light of genocide — especially the Taranaki genocide of the Moriori.)

Vinny is a marvel of the internet age, a 29 year old Westie revolutionary broadcasting out of a home studio in Glen Eden to up to 100,000 pairs of ears worldwide.

As his alter ego MR NEWS says, he covers “everything the mainstream media leaves out, so as you can imagine I’m quite busy!”

One of those things is Treatygate, so I’m grateful that guys like Vinny are there to pick up the slack.

The interview will go out live as a radio broadcast at 10am. Then Vinny will upload the Skype video to his You Tube channel. Also, nine New Zealand radio stations from Invercargill to Wanganui will run the programme as a delayed broadcast.

Vinny Eastwood Show - American Freedom Radio graphic

Vinny’s two-hour show five days a week is one of the mainstays of AFR. 

Vinny Eastwood Show - Who listens to American Freedom Radio

No pressure!

Vinny Eastwood - Guerilla Media graphic

Vinny has more brands than an old Texan cattle ranch. Guerilla Media is another.

Vinny Eastwood - Mr News graphic

MR NEWS, Vinny’s You Tube channel, gets more views than NZ Herald TV.

Vinny Eastwood

Vinny at a pub in Glen Eden, where I bought him a beer or two
for loaning
me his recording gear that Mike Butler and I used
(and mercifully managed not to get smashed) at Waitangi.

Vinny Eastwood Show graphic

Catch Vinny and me on American Freedom Radio on Saturday from 10am till noon.

Or join The Vinny Eastwood Show chat room.

And/or call up the show on 001-218-339-8525.

What’s going to be weird is that, unlike in my recent two hour stint with Jackson and Tamihere on Radio Live — in fact, unlike nearly all of my other media appearances so far — I won’t be outnumbered by two or three opponents barking over the top of me.

This assumes that Vinny will be his normal amiable self. (Which he will be, because any enemy of the government is a friend of Vinny’s. :-))

Hope you can join us. 10am tomorrow.