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Where’s Willie?

Truth - Willie and JA - Sorry John, no facts yet
Last week

Truth - Willie and JA - The dog ate my email John
This week

Truth - Willie and JA - Can I phone a friend Ed
Next week?

Truth - Willie and JA - OK JA, you didn't lie, I did
The week after?

If you’re wondering why my page 2 stoush with Willie Jackson in Truth has ground to a halt, so am I.

Hopefully posts like this will gee Willie back into action, and that his emailed vow to “resume our contest” is genuine.

Willie and JA - emails
JT’s sour response on Willie’s behalf.

As Willie is learning, when someone publicly calls me a liar, I don’t let go until I’ve proved them wrong — publicly.

But I should say that Willie is remarkably civil to me in person, as the above exchange shows. He gave me a pretty fair hearing on Radio Live too.

His mate Tamihere, however, is still sore at me for exposing (on their Waitangi Day show) his habit of leaving out parts of the history that don’t suit his Griever agenda.

As a result, he was less than keen to have me as a guest on the show, and is even less keen for Willie to keep engaging with me now.

To give two examples, he’d been saying that the British executed over 100 surrendered prisoners in Poverty Bay. I had to ring up to remind him that it was a loyalist Maori, Rapata Wahawaha who did the shooting (as utu for a tribal feud) — in defiance of British policy.

He also tried rather pathetically to minimise the Taranaki genocide of the Moriori by saying it was a Pakeha captain that took them to the Chathams.

I had to remind him of three tiny details:

  1. The Taranaki tribesmen hijacked his ship!
  2. Even if it had been a legitimate charter, does that mean the captain knew they planned to murder all the men, women and children who welcomed and cared for them when they arrived?
  3. Even if he had been a willing accomplice to genocide, he would have been one rogue Pakeha among 900 Maori — how would that implicate the Crown?

Anyway Willie, if you’re reading this, don’t get angry, get even — with facts this time, not insults.

Do get writing soon, because my next post won’t be this namby-pamby.

Truth, Willie Jackson

Willie and JA II

Page Two Boys Willie and JA are still going hammer and tongs in Truth. Last week, Willie unloaded his customary evidence-free barrage of denigration, diversion, and dodgy endorsements…

Truth cutting - Ansell's lies never stop

This week, I respond by tallying the insults, conceding that Willie is the superior abuser, then putting up screeds of evidence that I invite him to match…

Truth cutting - Let's debate the facts, Willie 1 - 21-3-13

Truth cutting - Let's debate the facts, Willie 2 - 21-3-13

Every column by Willie is like a gift from God, so I slipped in some questions to make sure he replies. It will be interesting to see how he avoids answering them.

My column did not appear exactly as I wrote it, so you may prefer to read it here: Continue reading

Cameron Slater (Whaleoil), Truth, Willie Jackson

Truth this week. (Lies last week.)

Truth cutting - John Ansell is a Racist and a Fool - Willie Jackson

After reading the above opinion in last week’s Truth, I phoned editor Cameron (Whaleoil) Slater to say I was surprised he’d be party to smearing as a racist a person who advocates racial equality.

As a result, the following twice-as-spacious alternative opinion dominates page 2 of this week’s issue:

Truth cutting - Willie Jackson is a chronic liar who fools no one

Ah, that feels better.

It’s not so much that Willie Jackson lies with impunity (and immunity, judging by the years of free airtime and column inches he’s had to spout his filth) — it’s that, on Treaty matters, he hardly ever tells the truth.

He doesn’t tell it mainly, I suspect, because he doesn’t know it.

(With no pushback, he’s never had to learn.)

So if we’re going to teach the public what really happened in the past — and how they don’t need to feel nearly as guilty as they’ve been told — we’ve got to push back against every one-eyed con artist like Willie.

Thanks to Cam Slater for giving me the right of reply.

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