Treatygate, Waikato, Water ownership

85% (and 61% of Maori) say Maori don't own water

‘… a Waikato Times scratch poll … found
a deep well of discontent with Maori claims …
with the question “Do Maori own water?”
netting a string of rolled eyes from the public.’

In keeping with larger formal polls, a quick poll taken by the Waikato Times has returned the same old 80%+ figure against racial favouritism.

In this case the number was 85% — with 61% of Maori also saying Maori don’t own water.

Good on you, Maori! This reinforces my view that more of you are Achievers than Grievers.

(If only the same could be said for those who claim to represent you.)

Excerpts from the story:

Maoridom’s top brass left Turangawaewae marae united in their bid for ownership of water, but a clear majority of Waikato people polled by the Times say iwi have no more right to it than anyone else.

… a Waikato Times scratch poll of 120 people in central Hamilton yesterday found a deep well of discontent with Maori claims on natural resources with the question “Do Maori own water?” netting a string of rolled eyes from the public.

A resounding 85 per cent of the 120 people asked said no, Maori do not own water.

Of the 28 participants who identified as having a Maori affiliation in the unscientific Times poll, 61 per cent said Maori did not own water, 36 per cent said they did and 3 per cent were not sure.

Rangi Solomon, who is of Maori descent, said all Kiwis had equal right to water.

“I think it’s a resource that’s available to all ethnicities, all New Zealanders.”

The government knows over 80% of us oppose their Griever Maori appeasement policy. Yet it does nothing, because it reckons non-Maori and Achiever Maori are too lazy to push back.

Well, as they will soon discover, the pushback has begun.

What started as a little snowball is building into an unstoppable avalanche that will consume any politician who stands in its way.