Colourblind State, Media poll challenge, Treatygate

My challenge to all New Zealand media: POLL YOUR PUBLIC ON RACIAL EQUALITY

I challenge all of you — every TV channel, every radio station, every newspaper and magazine in New Zealand — to ask your viewers, listeners and readers this simple question:

Do you want a New Zealand where all citizens have equal rights, live under the one law, vote on the one roll, and have our taxes spent according to need, not race?

This is a question that your viewers, listeners or readers would dearly love to have answered.

You can do it simply and quickly. You don’t have to hire a polling company. It won’t cost you a bean.

So you have no excuse.

Thank you for your cooperation.

John Ansell


I predict 80% of New Zealanders will answer Yes.

(Probably now. Certainly after they’ve seen my tsunami of Treatygate evidence.)

Your friendly TV channel, radio station or newspaper have probably already asked this question more than once.

But do they want you to know what they found out?

Are they in on the con?

Here’s how you find out.

If a TV channel, radio station or newspaper is not in on the con, it will have no trouble accepting my challenge to poll the public.

As I say, it won’t cost them a bean, so they’ve got no excuse.

If they are in on the con, they’ll first try to ignore me.

Then they’ll try to minimise me. They’ll say “Why should we listen to that [insert insult of choice]?”.

Then, when that fails, they’ll make up any number of excuses as to why they’re just too busy to conduct this simple poll.

But it won’t work, will it viewers/listeners/readers?

Because we’re going to keep on asking, aren’t we?

We’re going to keep on demanding that they POLL THE PUBLIC until they actually do.

Or until they prove beyond doubt that they’re in on the con.

So your job, next time you write a letter to the paper, or phone TVNZ or TV3, or ring talkback, is to ask them when they’re going to conduct their racial equality poll with the above question.

And yes, of course they could rig the results.

But if a range of media ask the same question, any cheating by the odd one will be swiftly exposed.

OK, go to it!

Before long, with your help, I should be able to publish a list of media are Treatygaters and which ones think truth matters.