Kohanga Reo, Treatygate, Waitangi Tribunal

We spend $1 billion on Kohanga Reo and Waitangi Tribunal demands an apology!

Earth to Waitangi Tribunal: you’re a Kangaroo Court, not a Supreme Court.

(And God knows our Supreme Court is biased enough.)

But this jumped-up joke court has the cheek to complain that the Crown — that’s you and me, folks — has failed Kohanga Reo.

And how did we fail them?

By only paying them a billion dollars over the last twenty years to do the job that Maori parents should have been doing.

The Waitangi Tribunal report released this morning found the Government breached the Treaty by not supporting the Maori-language immersion early childhood centres. 

Now I don’t know about you.

But I wouldn’t describe the shovelling of one thousand million dollars of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash into Kohanga Reo’s coffers as entirely unsupportive.

And I see nothing in even the fraudulent ‘Official’ English version of the Treaty to suggest that non-Maori are obliged to pay Maori to learn Maori.

(Especially when most Maori don’t seem overly fussed about learning it.)

The Tribunal … recommended the Government apologise to the trust, promote attendance, and create a policy and funding regime specifically for kohanga reo.

I recommend that the Government tells the Waitangi Tribunal to get stuffed — as its final message just before abolishing it.

Then I recommend that the Government reports itself to the Serious Fraud Office for taking notice of this kangaroo court for the last 37 years, at a cost to the country of many billions.

It also wants an interim independent adviser appointed to oversee its recommendations. 

Like hell it does.

This bastion of bias wants one of its tame Treatygater academics to fill that ‘independent’ role.

Someone, no doubt, like Ranginui Walker or Margaret Mutu.

Or, if they’re too brown, one of the many Pakeha make-believe-Maori who infest our halls of academe. (Not to mention the judiciary, the bureacracy, and all our other thoroughly Maorified elites.)

Dame Claudia Orange, Dame Anne Salmond or Dame Sian Elias, for example.

Rest assured, the Treatygaters live in fear of anyone truly independent — not that they’ve probably ever encountered one.

Trustee Dame Iritana Tawhiwhirangi said after decades of mainstreaming by the Crown, the report proved what the movement knew all along. 

A ruling by the Waitangi Tribunal is hardly proof of anything.

The Tribunal is nothing but an echo chamber and rubber-stamper for Griever Maori greed.

Kohanga Reo is inexplicably linked to the revitalisation of Te Reo Maori. 

Can’t argue with that — but I think she may have meant ‘inextricably’ linked. 🙂

Education Minister Hekia Parata said the Government would consider the report and assess it alongside other work being done on her ministry’s Maori language plan. 

More than $1 billion was directed toward the movement over the past 20 years, she said.

A further $19.1m over the next four years had been set aside for Maori early childhood education. 

Allow me to offer another perspective…

I have a 19 year old Taiwanese step-son. He’s been in New Zealand since he was one.

In that time, he’s never had so much as a minute’s schooling in Mandarin.

Yet despite this, he can speak his native tongue well enough to get by when he visits his grandmother and uncles in Taipei.


Because his mother made damn sure she kept the language alive in him by speaking Chinese at home.

Why can’t Maori parents do the same?

But if they can’t be bothered — if they insist that their fellow countrymen must pay to keep their language alive — why can’t they summon up the decency to say “thanks” instead of “more”?