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Willie Jackson and Mugabe - White farmers walk off your land 2

Willie Jackson is still hiding from me in Truth, though I see he has plenty of time to write a column abusing Danish MP Marie Krarup as racist (5 times), stupid (4), ignorant, arrogant, and a nut who attracts rednecks (2).

(His whole argument is that Krarup is racist because Maori welcomes are popular with tourists. Of course they’re popular. All freak shows are popular. People on holiday always enjoy a good laugh. But that doesn’t mean they respect the people who perform them.)

As promised, it’s now time to up the ante on Willie and reveal his true colours.

Last week he got a free run on Seven Sharp and said some typically scary things in defence of a Maaori demand to take possession of a non-Maaori cemetery.

The scariest was his impression of Mad Bob Mugabe when he said farmers should walk off their land and give the farms back to Maaori.

Willie's Dream - Aotearoa - Zimbabwe of the South Pacific

If we did things Willie’s way, this is what we’d become.

Willie on Justice

His exact quote.

Willie on Democracy

This is a staggering indictment on Willie and all those Treatygaters who would blithely set aside democracy for their own ends.

Willie on Entitlement

Willie using the old Griever trick of using the improved value of assets — improved by the Pakeha, with little help from Maaori.

Why should they get the value of hydro dams they had no hand in designing?

Willie on Gratitude

Here he goes again. Why is the South Island worth $18 billion? Because the settlers applied their brains, blood, sweat and tears to make it so.

Their knowledge of grassland farming. Their animals. Their wheat. Their labour.

Is there any gratitude to Pakeha for that? Is there ever any gratitude to Pakeha for allowing Maaori to bypass 3000 years of evolution and join the modern world?

When Willie’s Maaori ancestors sold the South Island, they sold it fair and square at the going rate — willing seller, willing buyer. They were pleased to get what they got, and if they wasted it that’s no one’s fault but their own.

All those trees they sold were worthless to them, because they had no clue how to turn a profit from them. They knew nothing of sheep, or wool, or foresty or wheat.

The settlers did. But before they could realise their profit, they had to work incredibly hard. No sitting around smoking dope and collecting rents from inherited land for our brave pioneers.

And the land the Maaori retained soon became as valuable afterwards as the whole lot was before. Win/win.

Willie on Education

Willie and I agree on this one.

And because there are two radically different views of history, I say: teach both.

Willie Jackson - In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king

Come on Willie, time to reply to my questions.

John Tamihere, Truth, Willie Jackson

Where’s Willie?

Truth - Willie and JA - Sorry John, no facts yet
Last week

Truth - Willie and JA - The dog ate my email John
This week

Truth - Willie and JA - Can I phone a friend Ed
Next week?

Truth - Willie and JA - OK JA, you didn't lie, I did
The week after?

If you’re wondering why my page 2 stoush with Willie Jackson in Truth has ground to a halt, so am I.

Hopefully posts like this will gee Willie back into action, and that his emailed vow to “resume our contest” is genuine.

Willie and JA - emails
JT’s sour response on Willie’s behalf.

As Willie is learning, when someone publicly calls me a liar, I don’t let go until I’ve proved them wrong — publicly.

But I should say that Willie is remarkably civil to me in person, as the above exchange shows. He gave me a pretty fair hearing on Radio Live too.

His mate Tamihere, however, is still sore at me for exposing (on their Waitangi Day show) his habit of leaving out parts of the history that don’t suit his Griever agenda.

As a result, he was less than keen to have me as a guest on the show, and is even less keen for Willie to keep engaging with me now.

To give two examples, he’d been saying that the British executed over 100 surrendered prisoners in Poverty Bay. I had to ring up to remind him that it was a loyalist Maori, Rapata Wahawaha who did the shooting (as utu for a tribal feud) — in defiance of British policy.

He also tried rather pathetically to minimise the Taranaki genocide of the Moriori by saying it was a Pakeha captain that took them to the Chathams.

I had to remind him of three tiny details:

  1. The Taranaki tribesmen hijacked his ship!
  2. Even if it had been a legitimate charter, does that mean the captain knew they planned to murder all the men, women and children who welcomed and cared for them when they arrived?
  3. Even if he had been a willing accomplice to genocide, he would have been one rogue Pakeha among 900 Maori — how would that implicate the Crown?

Anyway Willie, if you’re reading this, don’t get angry, get even — with facts this time, not insults.

Do get writing soon, because my next post won’t be this namby-pamby.

Truth, Willie Jackson

Willie and JA II

Page Two Boys Willie and JA are still going hammer and tongs in Truth. Last week, Willie unloaded his customary evidence-free barrage of denigration, diversion, and dodgy endorsements…

Truth cutting - Ansell's lies never stop

This week, I respond by tallying the insults, conceding that Willie is the superior abuser, then putting up screeds of evidence that I invite him to match…

Truth cutting - Let's debate the facts, Willie 1 - 21-3-13

Truth cutting - Let's debate the facts, Willie 2 - 21-3-13

Every column by Willie is like a gift from God, so I slipped in some questions to make sure he replies. It will be interesting to see how he avoids answering them.

My column did not appear exactly as I wrote it, so you may prefer to read it here: Continue reading

Cameron Slater (Whaleoil), Truth, Willie Jackson

Truth this week. (Lies last week.)

Truth cutting - John Ansell is a Racist and a Fool - Willie Jackson

After reading the above opinion in last week’s Truth, I phoned editor Cameron (Whaleoil) Slater to say I was surprised he’d be party to smearing as a racist a person who advocates racial equality.

As a result, the following twice-as-spacious alternative opinion dominates page 2 of this week’s issue:

Truth cutting - Willie Jackson is a chronic liar who fools no one

Ah, that feels better.

It’s not so much that Willie Jackson lies with impunity (and immunity, judging by the years of free airtime and column inches he’s had to spout his filth) — it’s that, on Treaty matters, he hardly ever tells the truth.

He doesn’t tell it mainly, I suspect, because he doesn’t know it.

(With no pushback, he’s never had to learn.)

So if we’re going to teach the public what really happened in the past — and how they don’t need to feel nearly as guilty as they’ve been told — we’ve got to push back against every one-eyed con artist like Willie.

Thanks to Cam Slater for giving me the right of reply.

Continue reading

John Tamihere, Radio Live, Willie Jackson

Maybe Willie and JT aren’t so chicken after all: Hear us on Radio Live, Wednesday 20 February, 1.00 – 2.00pm

Once on Close Up in 2011 — after calling me a racist who told lies — Willie Jackson told me I was the kind of straight-shooter he’d like to have on his and John Tamihere’s radio show.

I didn’t hear any more about it.

Then last Tuesday, I introduced myself to Willie at Waitangi. He was surprisingly friendly.

I teased him with, “How can you call me a mongrel (another of his and JT’s pet on-air names for me) when you’re a Maori called Jackson?”

We had a good-natured chat where we both agreed with each other 100%… that each other was a racist.

Waitangi 2013 - JA & Willie Jackson

At Waitangi with my new mate Willie Jackson.
We agreed with each other 100% that each other was a racist.

He again said he’d invite me on his show.

Then the next day, Waitangi Day, I rang the show to correct a flagrantly one-sided account by Tamihere of the execution of captured Maori fighters after the Siege of Ngatapa.

(JT had somehow forgotten to mention that the executioner was a loyalist Maori soldier exacting personal utu — in defiance of British policy. He went unpunished, but so did Te Rauparaha and Te Rangihaeata after the execution of captured settlers in the  Wairau Massacre of 1843.)

Somewhere in the middle of our shouting match, Willie again said they’d invite me to be a guest on the show.

So I was a bit disappointed to be told on Wednesday that Willie had said on air that JT and their producer had vetoed the idea.

That’s when I started preparing a post with the above pair of timorous yellow tap-dancing chickens, which I was going to label Tamihere and Jackson.

That’s also when (unbeknown t0 me) Treatygate supporter Kevin Campbell decided to tackle Willie via the Radio Live website…



From: Kevin Campbell
To: Willie Jackson
Sent: Wednesday, 13 February 2013, 2:42 p.m.


You won’t have John Ansell on because he will tell the truth, and we can’t have that.

You say he has a distorted or one-sided view of history? Compared to whose? Yours?

Get real, there is only one history and it doesn’t line up with the Waitangi Tribunal version that pays out on treaty claims.

Soon there will be nowhere to hide because the truth will always out.




From: Willie Jackson
To: Kevin Campbell
Sent: Wednesday, 13 February 2013, 2:43 p.m.




From: Kevin Campbell
To: Willie Jackson
Sent: Wednesday, 13 February 2013, 2:45 p.m.

He is happy to line up and challenge you. What are you or your management scared of?


The Maoris I know would man up.



From: Willie Jackson
To: Kevin Campbell
Sent: Wednesday, 13 February 2013, 2:54 p.m.

He hid behind his racist Bill Boards and his National Funders and the ACT Party rats … Think about it



From: Kevin Campbell
To: Willie Jackson
Sent: Thursday, 14 February 2013, 9:55 a.m.


John Ansell is simply a proponent of one law for all in NZ, as I am.

Anything else is separatism.

Ansell is simply pointing out that Te Tiriti O Waitangi was created to deliver equality.

And no, not everything went smooth for some tribes.

But in 99% of cases they certainly asked for land confiscation and consequences.

The treaty was to protect the rights of Maori as well as non-Maori, remember?

Based on previous polls taken since 1995, I think you are in the 20% (a very generous estimation) of Kiwis who support Maori sovereignty and a continuation of the Waitangi Tribunal scam.

Any dream of sovereignty or a separate set of rights for Maori was ceded forever on 6 February 1840.

There were 200 chiefs who also ratified that position again at Kohimarama twenty years later.

It is only because of gutless politicians, noisy activists and lack of investigative journalism that the ugly creep of separatism has got to where it is in NZ today.

All people such as John Ansell ask is that you, JT and Radio Live management play with a straight bat on behalf of the 80% plus Kiwis who want a united NZ.



If Kevin’s efforts hadn’t been successful, my next move would have been to rally the troops for an all-out assault on the phone lines to protest the about-face.

But this proved unnecessary.

At 2.00pm yesterday, Radio Live producer Mary Putnam rang me with the news that Willie and JT now wanted me on their show next Wednesday from 1.00 – 2.00pm.

A friend heard Willie say on air that he’d met me at Waitangi and “he seemed like a reasonable sort of a bloke — why shouldn’t we have him on and listen to what he has to say?”

I don’t know if that was the whole story. Tamihere wasn’t on the programme yesterday, so maybe the decision was taken without him.

But I was happy to accept, and I’m looking forward to it.

(Of course, two on to one is hardly fair. They may need to bring in reinforcements.)

Dover Samuels, John Tamihere, Radio Live, Willie Jackson

Radio Live, Waitangi Day: chat with Chapman, scrap with Willie and JT

Thanks to Mr News, Vinny Eastwood of Guerilla Media, for making You Tubes of my two radio appearances yesterday — and one of listener comments below.

Radio Live listeners should now be aware that the pushback has started.

Willie and JT are clearly not used to being confronted with facts.

JT at least had the good grace to concede later that some of my facts were correct, and Willie told me I wasn’t a bad bloke after I introduced myself to him at Waitangi.

Good to know we can hold diametrically opposed views but still maintain respect.

I thought callers Kevin, Jean and David supported me exceptionally well, against the usual fare of put-downs and hang-ups by the infamous one-eyed tag team.

I was especially disappointed in the irrational behaviour of guest Dover Samuels in telling caller David that he must be from another planet if he thought New Zealanders should be equal.

Both Jean and David have since contacted me, and it turns out both had plucked up the courage to phone talkback for the first time yesterday. Good on them for going head to head with the bully boys and winning hands down!

I hope you’ll consider doing the same, because the bullies need to get the message that, in the words of the movie Network, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more!”