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In the Wikiriwhi man cave

Tim Wikiriwhi and John Ansell - 16-5-13

Had dinner at the Wikiriwhis in Hamilton last night. Tim is an engineer, a libertarian, a Christian and a boxer, and Joy, among other things, is an excellent cook. So one way and another, I’m getting well looked after.

Both Tim and I were interviewed by the Waikato Times late yesterday, and a story, accompanied by a photo something like the above (this one shot by Joy in Tim’s man cave) is likely to run tomorrow.

I heard yesterday that a Dunedin meeting has now been confirmed for the evening of 11 June in a lecture theatre of Otago University. Thanks to Colin and Hilary for arranging that.

Before that, we’ve got a Hastings meeting on 7 June. More on these later.

Now to focus on tonight’s meeting at 7.00 pm in the Celebrating Age Centre, 30 Victoria Street, Hamilton.

NOTE: Apparently we’re not allowed into the venue before 6.30pm.


Tim Wikiriwhi, Together New Zealand, Treatygate

Always good to see the ad in print

Press ad in Hamilton News

I’m about to drive to Hamilton for tomorrow night’s meeting.

Today an ad should have appeared on page 2 of the Waikato Times. This one was in the Hamilton News. Good to know that at least one person saw it.

Thanks to Tim Wikiriwhi for organising everything. See you tonight for dinner, Tim.

Looking forward to catching up with you other Waikato readers tomorrow at 7pm at the Celebrating Age Centre, 30 Victoria Street.