Allan Titford, Maori TV, Martin Doutre, Sue Titford (Cochrane)

Doutre and Ansell on Native Affairs, 8.30pm tonight

From 6.00am on the morning of the autumn equinox, 21 March (my birthday as it happens), Martin Doutre and I stood on the summit of Mt Albert with a film crew from Maori TV waiting for the sun to rise.

It did so on the other side of Auckland, in a trench which Martin said had been cut by the Patuparaiehe people to line up the equinoxial sunrise with the standing stone that we were standing beside. Cloud unfortunately obscured the event, which Martin has recorded on other occasions.

We then went down to Stanley Street to film Martin with some giant boulders which had been removed from a hill in Silverdale, and which had for thousands of years before that performed a similar astronomical role.

On a bench nearby I was filmed talking about Martin, and also about the Allan Titford case — the main reason I had made the journey from Wellington.

I thought I’d make the Titford interview more newsworthy by presenting the reporter with the two affidavits revealing that Sue Titford-Cochrane’s father had confessed to burning down Allan and Sue’s Maunganui Bluff home, not Allan, as Sue testified in Court.

We’ll see how much of this makes it to air tonight at 8.30pm. Given the media’s record so far, let’s say I’m not overly confident.





4 thoughts on “Doutre and Ansell on Native Affairs, 8.30pm tonight

  1. Good luck!!  Non biased news, or news from a different aspect is vital!!

    >________________________________ > From: >To: >Sent: Monday, 12 May 2014 1:19 PM >Subject: [New post] Doutre and Ansell on Native Affairs, 8.30pm tonight > > > > >John Ansell posted: “From 6.00am on the morning of the autumn equinox, 21 March (my birthday as it happens), Martin Doutre and I stood on the summit of Mt Albert with a film crew from Maori TV waiting for the sun to rise. It did so on the other side of Auckland, in a trenc” >

  2. Good luck. Of course you will be there to give the viewers someone to throw tomatoes at but any publicity is better than no publicity.

  3. Many years ago I owned an electronics company and among the various government agencies we had dealings with included those special places where you need a key to access their floors and never get beyond the lobby special meeting office. I already knew quite a bit about intelligence gathering, in fact I was the very first Kiwi charged with bugging telephones (dropped for incredibly interesting reasons).
    And so I knew from contacts the various structural aspects of intelligence gathering including its networking longterm relationships in universities, business and military.
    The university relationships to the intelligence structure has been a critical aspect of their agenda since the 1960’s.
    To recruit them are full time intelligence staff who hold some position at the university and once selected, put through a process of testing for suitability are slowly brought into the the structure. They remain in the application pending for acceptance for many years and often most will go through a lifetime of part- time work. Their selection at the universities and Tafe’s are from wide and varied fields picked on a combination of career path integrity demeanour and character. After they finish their degrees off they go into the workforce no one else any the wiser.
    NZ is littered with these part time agents all ready to do what they think is part of a master plan to keep our nation safe from both internal and external threats.
    Now having been around the blocks a few times I’ve endlessly found NZ a fascinating place when it comes to decision making. When required our decisions are generally rather brilliant and I say that inclusive of government not just the private sector. However among the decisions made by certain government arms particularly the judiciary, treasury and internal affairs, some of the decisions are truly stupid and inconsistent with any form of intelligent strategy. Failing to report those actions is the media where you find hand picked editors all too ready to ensure hell or high water, that that story remain buried.
    I saw it with Matakana Island where we had the murder of Sonny Tawhaio, the Waitangi applicant who was desperately trying to stop high level IWI leadership corruption only to be found in the back seat of his burnt out car. The report into his death suggested u quote – “He drove into the forest parked his car took his top and boots off threw them into the ground at the right rear wheel then took a can of petrol from his boot poured some of it over that clothing and the rest throughout the interior of his car before putting the can back into the boot then got into the left rear seat where he set himself on fire.”
    This suicide hypothesis fiction excluded various witnesses on various committees who named who had threatened to kill Mr Tawhiao etc etc.
    Again I repeat we are not stupid people yet once and a while we witness stupidity beyond all recognition and one only can deduce from these events that those in the intelligence agencies are calling the shots. Some of the decisions that appear from our judges amd law enforcement defy belief. Mr Tawhiao of
    was correct the iwi leadership persrobbed the Ngai Terangi people of hundreds of millions of dollars.
    Why and for what designed outcome I’m just not sure. But I can observe one very clear set of facts. And that is our once great nation is failing fast both socially, legally and economically. Is that the intended agenda our most powerful spooks are implementing and if so who is directing them?
    (Typed on my mobile phone on rhe shores of Western Australia – apologies for any errors.)

  4. Haha more gold! You freaks culminate in this space aye! My god what the lonely will do to give excitement to their lives! You guys are a funny bunch of idiots hahaha. Keep up the good work Hitler. What an incredibly lonely sad person you are. hahaha. Good by for now.

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