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Talking Treaty on Radio Live on Waitangi Day

I’ve been invited to appear twice on Radio Live tomorrow, first at 8.10am during the breakfast show, then later with Colin Espiner (not sure when).

The producer didn’t say what they wanted me to talk about, just that “it’s always good to get your perspective”.

In that case, I’ll attempt to clarify two things:


If anything, the Treaty of Wellington helped turn New Zealanders into Aussies.

Yes really.

Remember, Captain Hobson was Lieutenant-Governor of New South Wales, under Governor Gipps. After Hobson had collected the signatures of the 512 chiefs, his boss declared that the borders of NSW were now extended to include New Zealand.

So what was New Zealand’s founding document?

This one…

Queen Victoria's Royal Charter 16 Nov 1840 1
Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of November 16, 1840

This long-ignored and much more official-looking proclamation — which made New Zealand a separate colony of Great Britain, independent of New South Wales — is Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of November 16, 1840.

Some, notably Ross Baker of the One New Zealand Foundation, argue that this date should be our national day — New Zealand’s Independence Day.

(And certainly, many would argue it’s much more important to be independent of our Brother Country than the Mother Country!)

So what was the Treaty of Waitangi?

It was a preliminary facilitating agreement by which the Maori chiefs signed over control of the country to the Queen. (Otherwise known as ‘ceding sovereignty’.)

And in return for this major concession, all the Maori people — not just the chiefs — received a great prize: equal membership of the greatest empire on earth, and the empire’s protection of their people and property.

Note: “their property” meant just that. Their things. The land they lived on. The land they grew crops on. The waters they fished on.

It did not mean the entire island on which they happened to occupy one small corner.

It did not mean they could expect to keep their land after breaching the Treaty by trying to exterminate the British they had formerly welcomed.

It did not include discoveries made by Europeans many decades later, like the electromagnetic spectrum.

The Maori word for what they got to retain was taonga, which chief Hongi Hika  defined for the dictionary current in 1840 as “property procured by the spear”.

It is hard to spear a radio wave, or a language.


Today’s much-vaunted ‘Treaty principles’ are nowhere to be found in the Treaty of Waitangi 1840.

They come from a hastily-prepared press release which should rightly be called the Treaty of Wellington 1989, since that was the year Geoffrey Palmer conjured the principles up out of thin air.

The Treaty of Waitangi contains one overarching principle: equal citizenship for all New Zealanders.



52 thoughts on “Talking Treaty on Radio Live on Waitangi Day

  1. It is pleasing that you have been asked for you perspective John, and should it turn out to be an attempt to ambush you, I have no doubt about your ability to turn it back on them. If you get the above simple messages across, that will be an achievement. Best wishes for tomorrow.

  2. Great that you now have another chance to put them right, John. The best of luck and I do hope you get your message across. Looking forward to your report after the event.

    1. Just one quick comment here. Is 1989 the correct year? I’ve heard both 1986 and 1987 mentioned previously. I’m no expert but it’s better to know you have the correct year in case someone picks you up on it.

      Apart from that, I know you will do well, John. Again, the best of luck. I can’t wait to hear all the details.

  3. John!
    Guess you won’t miss the action of 12 months ago. Nothings changed since you were last here… Maori continue to fight amongst themselves, litter the roads in and out of Paihia with the rubbish they throw out on their great journey of grievance. All while the rest of us here in Paihia are forced to put up with the crap. Although I have Maori heritage the TV boys are not interested in what I have to say because I’m just not menacing enough and frankly not news worthy.

    Hope your mates at 1Law4All get their act together soon because there is a serious undercurrent of people I know who will be happy to give them a tick in the ‘Party Vote’ box.

    All the best from us in the north on Waitangi (White Angry) Day…


  4. Love it!

    I find it funny when the activist claim the Treaty is our founding document. What part of the treaty actually makes it a founding document? Its like having a job application accepted then insisting your employer just handed over the keys to the company to you.

    The Royal Charter however 16 Nov is indisputably the founding document. Furthermore, the TOW is claimed to have been signed under duress, was written in a way that both parties could not agree on, has been in continuous dispute for years and therefore is null and void.

    Could someone please supply me with a document or contract that has the same issues noted above and has NOT being declared null and void.

    The TOW should be scrapped and the RC 1840 should be recognised as our founding document.

    I LOVE the reference to the Treaty of Wellington 1989. Nobody is aware of the 1989 version and they sure as hell should be.

  5. The treaty of so called Waitangi is one huge FARCE -there is so much dishonesty and deceit going on in New Zealand related to this treaty –The maori of today are so greedy all their claims being based on assumption and greed fostered by our also greedy politicians -there are over 150 different nationalities in

    New Zealand now — the maori being one of these — who are not the original peoples of this country which can be well proven — it is time New Zealanders woke up and get rid of this apartheid that is being foisted on this country by the Prime minister the minister of apartheid and all those members of parliament that

    do not have the intestinal fortitude to do something about this farce — Noel Hiliam


    1. Bravo Noel. I totally agree with you as do many I’m sure. The whole business makes me totally sick to the stomach. Actually I do firmly believe that it is a health risk – to those of us who can see what is going on, speak out but nobody who can change things, will do so. All they think of is their election chances and to hell with what they are doing to the country. If only treason was still an offence!!

  6. Thankyou John I just heard the interview I could not believe my ears that there was a “racist” swimming agains the tide and able to get the truth out with out being cut off James was gracious but was quick to apologize for any offence created haha I commend you in your efforts for bringing this to light…

  7. I dont quite know what the point of the article is? of course the ceeding of sovereignty to Queen Victoria was the very beginning in 1840, doesnt matter who NZ was ceeded to whether being under the jurisdiction of Australia (for Queen Victoria) or directly independant under Queen Victoria (Britain), either way the Treaty of Waitangi was the beginning and it was not an easy task for Hobson etc.. to gather all the signatures… unlike the Queens commission or proclamation under the Great Seal and Lets not forget the active opposition from Bishop Pompallier who was actively involved in getting the Maori not to sign. The effort Hobson went to ‘going against the tide’ and having asked for 64 staff and receiving only 4, having no military assistance It would be asking a dentist to pull your tooth out without any pliers.. Governor Hobson did a remarkable job suffered a stroke and died in only a couple of years after. So I dont quite know what the point of this thread is, except to confuse the real issue of sovereignty of this country with a document that could never have been issued if it wasnt for the Treaty already being in place having been signed and sealed under international laws. Note: these seals have been defaced from the Treaty .. which was legal only once it had been Sealed, Under what circumstances were the Seals defaced? In 1877 Chief Justice of NZ Sir James Prendergast declared the Treaty ‘worthless’ and a ‘simple nullity’ and shortly after that the Treaty was almost destroyed .. (until found again in 1908 by Mr Hocken) So perhaps during that time is when the Seals were defaced? We have today and have had since back in the days of the Signing of the treaty a movement of evil in this country that does not want the truth to be known. The distortion or diversion of what the Treaty is and means is unacceptable, It is what it is and it has made us a nation … there will always be those who want to divide and feather their own nests Try researching these points and you will find the resistance is unbelievable and is even internationally controlled, because they are more interested in buying up and stealing our resources and it could even be said that the Gravy train is a way of fooling the native interests and create division and aparthied to get control and steal everything from New Zealanders!

    1. My point, Wiremu, is that the Treaty of Waitangi of February 6, 1840 did not create the colony of New Zealand.

      Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter of November 16, 1840 did.

      The Treaty of Waitangi was an agreement with Maori chiefs which paved the way for the founding of a colony and British settlement.

      By the Treaty, the Lieutenant-Governor of New South Wales gained the permission of 512 chiefs for the British to run New Zealand as a dependency of New South Wales.

      In exchange, all Maori people (including about 10,000 slaves who previously had no rights) gained equal citizenship with all other British citizens and the benefits of British law.

      These included property rights and protection from marauding rival tribesmen, dodgy escaped convicts, and the French.

      You are right when you say that the Treaty has been shamefully distorted and that an evil movement does not want the truth to be known.

      That movement is the descendants of the rebels who breached the Treaty by declaring war on the Queen, and their political appeasers and facilitators, from Geoffrey Palmer and Doug Graham to John Key and Chris Finlayson.

      I suggest you read The Great Divide by Ian Wishart or Twisting The Treaty by Mike Butler, David Round, Hugh Barr, Bruce Moon, John Robinson and Peter Cresswell before parroting the ‘we wuz robbed’ mantra.

      1. John,

        your thread has no bearing on anything unless you are wanting a “Republic” for New Zealand. Married to a Taiwanese I can see where you are coming from now.

        Firstly in 1840 Australia, Canada, South Africa were all Colonies of the British Empire under Queen Victoria.

        Secondly the Treaty of Waitangi signed 6 Feb 1840 ceeded sovereignty to Queen Victoria (the fact that the territory or jurisdiction came under that of NSW makes absolutely no difference as Australia was under British Rule and therefore either way we were one and the same under Queen Victoria at that time). Governor Hobson had none of the staff he had requested and logistically it was impossible for things to have been arranged faster than they did which is why Governor Gipps of NSW was Governor of NZ for a very short period of time. But lets not forget he was directly under the British Colonial Office who directly reported to Queen Victoria!

        I dont know what your point with your article is.

        Mr Key has promised today $500 million for Ngapuhi payout but this is chickenfeed to what is being paid to the international community what about the $200million is all NZ got for the crafar farms that the chinese stole from us via John Key!

        I suggest you read a book about how these types do their social engineering tactics the Book called “Bonhoeffer – Pastor, Martyr, Prophet , Spy ” – by Eric Metaxas … we can see the similarities running our government … the very ones you have mentioned Geoffrey Palmer, Doug Graham , John Key and Chris Finhlayson and the list does not stop there… they adhere to the International UN Agenda 21 Green movement, all Stemming from Nazi Germany

      2. Further … I have never said “We Wuz robbed”, as you stated in the last comment to me. with your background of talking about women as “Blubbering women” and your interested in advertising in the National and ACT parties it is hard to know where your allegiances are because you didnt come across very straight on the radio a few moments ago. It could be that you are a sell out!

      3. Wiremu, after two attempts, and two more on the radio, I don’t know how I can make my points any more clearly.

        Could it be that you’re just nitpicking to keep me occupied?

        I can nitpick too, like pointing out that Australia was never a colony, either in 1840 or at any other time.

        And I very much doubt that John Key promised Ngapuhi $500 million. I think you’ll find he laughed at that amount.

        You claim that ‘where I’m coming from’ has something to do with my wife being Taiwanese. You accuse me of lacking clarity, but give me no clue as to what this means.

        If you’re saying it suggests I’m happy for New Zealand to be a multicultural country rather than forced to be a bicultural one, then you’re spot on.

        I would add that I draw the line at immigrants who expect us to bow to their habits, or to be more precise, burqas.

        We should not repeat the European experience of admitting millions of Islamists who then turn round and demand that their hosts impose the medieval laws of their home countries.

        Other than that very topical exception, I believe in opening our doors to manageable numbers of those who value our customs and want to help us grow a stronger New Zealand.

        As heretical as it may sound to many on the political right, I don’t see becoming a republic or remaining a monarchy as a big deal either way. And I support John Key’s move to change the flag, and have designed a silver fern on black flag that featured in the Dominion Post as his favourite.

        On the other hand, I have much sympathy for your view that this local race issue is just part of the global UN Agenda 21 movement. That makes sense to me.

        I apologise if you are not part of the ‘We wuz robbed’ brigade. I admit I was jumping to conclusions based on your name and what I thought you meant in your first post.

        Now, reading your other posts below, I see you are coming at this from an international perspective, concerned about the Chinese etc. eroding our sovereignty more than redistribution to Maori corporations ever could.

        You are probably right about that. But that does not mean we should not jump up and down about the local manifestation of the problem.

        I think we are closer together now than we were.

      4. Yeah, go JA. Local manisfication. That is where the real threat is and it is terrorirism. Maori wanting or MEAN MAORI MEN, HARD MAORI.

  8. Wiremu. Your reference to the word STOLE says it all about you. A self imposed victim. The Chinese didnt steal anything. I had a 1948 Ford Bonus pickup. Had to sell it. Apprentice wages and running cost took 70% of my pay packet. I sold it for genuine reasons and was one of the saddest moments in my life.

    However Wiremu, you and ALL Maori would look back at a transaction just like mine and scream that it was stolen. Not only would you want the cash transaction back, you would want compensation for the 25 yrs you went without it plus the value of the Ford as it is today (fully restored) and then you would want all future sales of the Ford Bonus (appreciation) put into your account.

    Face it Wiremu, Maori are thieves, frauds and opportunist. The settlers of this country had their hands full of con artist.

    1. Paul, New Zealanders have always been known to have the Greatest Race Relations in the WORLD! you are talking about creating division over money when we are really talking about the Global Grab for our kiwi land , theft of our Kiwi Oil, our Kiwi Gold and minerals and our large Industry Dairy Fonterra being devalued to suit a GCSB agenda (thanks to John Key) and Share market agenda Allowing overseas interests to buy up all of our industry. Chinese own our forests, they own our dairy companies, they do all the manufacturing of our Primary industries that could be work for Kiwi’s the NZ workers are left unemployed, Look at the Larger Picture mate! Types like you are the reason, you are so myopic in your approach to what is really going on and I dont support the Gravy train which is just a sidekick to what is REALLY going on

      1. I think you are on the wrong blog Wiremu. This is about the stealth extortion of NZ by elitist Maori who manipulate the treaty to suit their own financial greed. Im quite sure the Green party has your interest at heart.

    2. Paul, I think your analogy is good, as much of the land was indeed sold, not stolen.

      But to point the finger at ALL Maori is a gross overstatement, as I suspect you yourself realise.

      I live in a town with the largest Maori population in the province. The town’s biggest businessman is Maori, as are many other excellent service people.

      As in any other community with a state-provided incentive to put their hands out for other people’s money, there are Maori who look backwards and grieve. Too many.

      But there are also many honourable Maori who refuse the handouts, look forward and achieve.

  9. Im definately not on the wrong blog, There is only one AGENDA here and it is the one Global Government, while you are looking at the picture the media are painting of division(which is created purposefully to created confusion while our nations wealth is being stolen by the worlds ‘Progressives’ and multi-billionaires via the sharemarket) the agenda is the “Gradual decline of the NZ dollar’ .. watch the industries going under this right now. Fonterra.. the Government cannot do enough to destroy the value of our dairy industry .. etc.. etc.. etc.. but look at the other hand that’s what they want you to look at, our news media want you to look at this created division but realise there are far bigger things going on than that!

    1. Yep. Wirmoo,you are on the wrong blog, wrong page. Xenophobia and such like are on the Green sites. Yes, some may want to look over their right shoulder and see an invasion, but some of us see an invasion within over the left shoulder. Invasion by stealth, hidden behind a fraudulent, manipulated document called the treaty of Waitangi.

      1. Geoffrey Palmer and Richard Prebble (along with a whole lot of activists and Lawyers etc..only interested in making a whole lot of money for themselves) under the Labour Government which was floundering after Kirk and Rowling had been holding the reigns in the 70’s Greed stepped in at the last hour just before Muldoon took over in 1975 in a landslide victory. The Greed resulted in the creation of ‘Principles of the Treaty’ which have no resemblance to the honest historical document The Treaty of Waitangi. you better get your facts straight if you want to keep talking on this thread, the Principles have nothing to do with the Treaty of Waitangi (except the Waitangi Tribunal has stolen it’s namesake) conscienceless wicked lawyers have stolen the public money and continue to in getting these historic claims through, all for their own pocket and Chris Finlayson and his merry men support this. The Global community is already involved using Institutions like the McGuinness Institute in Wellington, you would be in denial to say the Global community is not heavily involved in the affairs of our country at this present time, do you even know what the Free Trade agreement we have with China??? you need to start waking up Mate!

  10. Paul, so now you realise this is a media generated parliamentary supported Globalist Agenda using our very good race relations ‘best in the world’ to destroy this lovely little country Gods own

    1. Wiremu, now that we see we’re you’re coming from, I’d like to know how you’d deal with the problem of our race relations (or more correctly the stealthy and creeping surrender of New Zealand sovereignty to corporate iwi).

      In the interests of peace and quiet and unity, do you suggest we simply do nothing and allow the government to give radical Maori control of half of everything we have (assuming they’d stop there, which I doubt)?

      From your global perspective, how do you see this playing out?

    2. We dont have good race relations fool! All NZders of all nationalities know Maori are frauds. Maori are a race that get fat ( blame others) and just dont want to work, a lazy people. As soon as someone says lets do this, Maori are to fat and too useless and form a leisurely hikoi. WE DONT WANT A JOB BRO.

      1. Paul, if you support me please stop embarrassing me by making such racist statements. That’s what it is when you generalise about all members of a race, and that’s not what I’m about.

        If that’s what you actually believe, then there’s no law prohibiting you from saying it. I could ban you, as I’ve done before, but I’d rather not go there.

        Just know that every time you make such a racist generalisation, it affects me, both emotionally (wondering what the hell I’ve unleashed) and in terms of my ability to be a successful advocate for fairness.

      2. True, sorry. Its only racist when you white. To state a fact if it concerns someone who is not white is racist. To make a comment against a person who is white is not racist. To make a comment to a guy who is married to an Asian and highlighting the fact is NOT RACIST? So yeah JA, block me again. Im proud to be white and as others have stated, they are proud to be brown. Mean Maori Mean, Hard Maori……Na, glad to be be who I am regardless of race and yet im a racist?

        I am white and I am not ashamed of it.

      3. Paul, there’s no need to be ashamed of being white, brown, yellow, black or purple with pink polka dots.

        But I’m very ashamed to have some supporters who make negative generalisations about ALL Maori.

        Not about some, not about many, not even about most, but about ALL.

        If that was clearly correct, then in the interests of truth I’d have no problem with you mentioning the fact.

        But it is so manifestly untrue, as I’m sure you know, that I regard your comment as bigoted, and I want no part of it.

        This is New Zealand, not Alabama.

  11. Im venting for the day when some politician actually states that Maori oppose all mining, drilling for the simple fact, that employment may be created. Truth is, Maori dont want to work. Fact, friend of mine went to the UK on an OE. Asked if she was Maori. Maori have a useless CV on an OE because they are lazy and expect more than others. NEVER EMPLOY A MAORI.

    1. This comment reflects poorly on you first and me second. I won’t tolerate any more of it.

      If such prejudice is widespread, it might explain why Maori unemployment has rocketed 150% in 30 years (from 14% in 1981 to 36% in 2012).

      Let’s hope that’s not the reason.

  12. have you ever thought about the problem here being between the Orange and the Green? it appears to be historically the: Colonial office, CMS missionaries and Governor William Hobson (under Queen Victoria) Vs Bishop Pompallier (France) and the NZ Company (wakefield)

    as same today with: proposed “Republicanism”, change of our “Flag”, loss of the NZ identity, Theft of NZ wealth and resources, The destruction of the Anglican Christchurch Cathedral ( French Canadian bishop Matthews), the Ecumenical Dialogue run by the Catholics (all churches being under the Catholic umbrella), even Prince Charles married to Catholic Camilla is swept up into the Global climate change calling everyone who does not conform a “headless chicken” who states he wants to change the wording to “defender of faith” as opposed to “defender of THE faith” etc .. etc..

    This country was founded on the free man’s principles and not catholicsm or any other religion and long may it stay that way!

    & begs the question as to where the real argument for this country stands

    this is the Global Corporate control manipulated by the mafia styled henchmen and the Vatican (Two popes — the latest one a known Jesuit)

    1. Wiremu i agree totally on your above posts regarding UN agenda 21.

      What is happening in NZ is the direct result of Agenda 21 in action stirring race relations using a invented treaty to extract new Zealanders communally owned wealth and put it in private ownership in the form of corporate Iwi and before long it will end up in global government interest hands.

      The sad point is we just let it happen! The people do have the power still to force a change like some states in America have banned all legislation emanating from agenda 21 – like we should do with false treaty in NZ but not the docile kiwi who just bends over and takes it up the arse .

      Hell its going to hurt if we cant get organised protest like in Egypt, Collectively we cant sort any real opposition. 1law4all says the leader is not so important, its the party body that counts . John is still here thankfully but needs to lead from the top and so has lost support from the bottom.

      What a mess just before an election!
      We New Zealanders deserve the corrupt politicians we have because we cant be bothered to make them accountable.

      I fear for our future

  13. I agree Wiremu, when researching the issues around the Treaty, New Zealand’s history and global human migration generally, I began to see how control has been exerted over groups. Our societies can be shaped and moulded by both good and not so good agendas. It is very clear that religious beliefs were one of the most powerful tools to control the masses and this control continues today.

    It seems a tough stance to take, warning little old ladies filing into the church on Sunday, they are part of a global conspiracy. You would be chastised if you attempted this on any given Sunday in your own neighbourhood. Approximately 66% of New Zealanders believe in one religion or other.

    However, when you look closely at the beliefs of both the Christian and Muslim religions, they are childish at best and horrendous at worst. Education has failed us in this regard, BUT I believe it is education that can be our saviour too.

    We know what a bad society looks like and I am sure we could all agree, within reason, what a good society looks like. This society would ignore agendas of minorities because there would be no minorities, our education system would be turning out people with similar cultural behaviour. This education system would be secular and it would not tolerate the silly cultural agendas of minorities, “there is no such thing as race”. We would have less tolerance for other “less refined” cultures to live alongside ours. We would welcome anyone who assimilates and shun those who don’t. Tolerance is not always best for a society, let’s draw a line on what we will tolerate. Let’s not tolerate an education system that does not start with how to be a human first.

    No racism, no religion and no one leaves school without a diploma in parenting.

    Imagine your weekly pay packet growing as the Ministry of Social Development shrinks, imagine it growing further as the police and court system begin to grind to halt, imagine your children not accusing you of racism for believing in equality, imagine the money available to fight poverty, money that was being shovelled in to the pockets of Tribal elite who are dragging us back to a feudal existence.

    You may think these ideas are harsh, however when you compare it with the alternative, I think it is time to get tough on crap.

    I have a dream!!

  14. An atheist was walking through the woods.

    ‘What majestic trees!
    ‘What powerful rivers!
    ‘What beautiful animals!
    He said to himself.

    As he was walking alongside the river, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him.

    He turned to look. He saw a 7-foot grizzly bear charge towards him.

    He ran as fast as he could up the path. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the bear was closing in on him.

    He looked over his shoulder again and the bear was even closer.

    He tripped and fell on the ground.

    He rolled over to pick himself up but saw that the bear was right on top of him, reaching for him with his left paw

    and raising his right paw to strike him…

    At that instant the Atheist cried out,
    ‘Oh my God!’

    Time Stopped.
    The bear froze.
    The forest was silent.

    As a bright light shone upon the man, a voice came out of the sky.

    ‘You deny my existence for all these years, teach others I don’t exist and even credit creation to cosmic accident.’
    ‘Do you expect me to help you out of this predicament?

    Am I to count you as a believer?

    The atheist looked directly into the light, ‘It would be hypocritical of me to suddenly ask you to treat me as a

    Christian now, but perhaps you could make the BEAR a Christian’?

    ‘Very well,’ said the voice.

    The light went out. The sounds of the forest resumed. And the bear dropped his right paw, brought both paws

    together, bowed his head and spoke:

    ‘For what I am about to receive, may the Lord make me truly thankful, Amen.’

      1. Yes well Helen, you think about the story. Think about the mighty 13 yr old warrior being chased down in the 1860s by the where whuck arwe tribe and who hell he called for for help. It was not God, it was the troops.

      1. That’s right Andy. When Steve O’Regan (15/16ths Irish NZer) chose to become Tipene, he was making a religious lifestyle choice.

        And quite a good financial one as well.

  15. Great Stuff, J.A., Wiremu, Andy Oakley, Paul Harris. You are all correct, but the BIG question – What are we going to do about this huge monster well known as the global ‘Divide and Conquer’?

    Firstly, this current majority grouping in parliament (I cannot not call it a governmment) must be removed from the ‘Ayes’ seats.

    Secondly, we desperately need binding referenda, and go from there this election year.

    What is the next move? For whom do we vote? I am wracking my brain!!

    1. Vote for testicles. Simple as that. And when when you vote for the male or female that has testicles of titanium, stand behind and stand beside that person!

    2. So far only the Conservative Party is promoting BINDING referenda. They also want racial equality under the law but I’m not sure how hard they would push for this.

      1Law4All is also out there – somewhere(?) – but I’m not hearing much from them. They need to get a move on – quickly.

      1. I’ve asked Colin Craig if he would make the abolition of all race-based laws – not just Maori parliamentary seats – a not-negotiable coalition condition.

        His inclination is to be more, well, conservative. He wants to keep it simple and just have a binding referendum on Maori parliamentary seats.

        To me that doesn’t go far enough, but would be a lot better than nothing – especially if he could enshrine binding referenda. Then we could have another on a fully colourblind state.

        Unfortunately, Key is giving himself options by being prepared to cuddle up with Winston. And Winston is primarily about baubles for Winston.

        He’ll trade away whatever policy he needs to to be the chosen one.

        The Conservatives will have to restrict NZ First to under 5%.

      2. That was my feeling about Colin Craig too, John. However, you are right – if they push for binding referenda and get it, then we can hold a referendum on racial equality getting rid of the Maori Seats and Maori Roll etc. So it may be better than it first appears.

  16. There is a lot of sense in Winston’s speech. Before voting, I will be looking for similar sense and policies from the other parties. So far that has been totally lacking in anything being said by Labour (apart from Shane Jones), and even less by Greens, Maori & Mana. Totally. And some of the others need to sharpen their thinking up quite a bit, too, most of all National:

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