Some of my evidence

I’m just about to go to Radio Live, so for the benefit of Radio Live listeners I’ve put up a few of the 210 slides I show in my talks.

I don’t have time to add the commentary till later, but hopefully you’ll see enough evidence to realise that Treatygate is disturbingly real.

If you want to read more, order the new book Twisting the Treaty. (See previous post.)

Maori had sold most of NZ by 1840

Apirana Ngata quote about Treaty 1

Apirana Ngata quote about Treaty 2

Apirana Ngata quote about Treaty 3

Wiremu Tamihana - Threat to Kill All Aucklanders

Governor Grey's Warning to Waikato

Cutting - Tikanga of Pakeha One of Aroha

Cutting - Would the Hauhaus Have Been As Merciful

Death toll in invasion of Parihaka in Taranaki - 0

Death toll in invasion of Chathams by Taranaki - 1,561

How much compensation for murdered settlers

Headstones of murdered settlers

Te Kooti's tribe compensated for damage to reputation Te Kooti's Hauhau's impaling Lavin children on bayonets

Te Rauparaha's tribe compensation for loss of marine empire

Te Rauparaha - Cannibalism, Battle of Kaiapoi

Te Rauparaha - Cannibalism - live woman's embryo

Taonga - 1820 deep

Hongi Hika - spear 4G radio spectrum

JA at Tamati Waka Nene memorial, Russell

Littlewood draft - all the people of New Zealand

Waipoua - evidence embargoed until 2063

 Ngai Tahu Final Settlement Act 1944


43 thoughts on “Some of my evidence

  1. well done needed to be done a long time ago my son stresses over homework of not knowing moari he is moari but i feel he does not need pressure from teachers that have made him feel like hes failed because he hasnt learnt the Karekea. Reading writing and maths i feel are far more important to him becoming a productive New-Zealander .

    1. Kia ora Kim, i am not a supporter of John Ansell, but John is very accomodating of me, & his supporters are generally very cordial towards me.

      My grandmother was a fluent speaker of Te Reo Maori, but never taught us a single word. She wanted us all to be English. I have no doubt that if she had taught us Te Reo Maori it would not have been any impediment to our other studies.

      Now later in life i am trying to learn Te Reo Maori & i am struggling. I think learning is easier when you are younger & I have to pay for my lessons. So if your son has any interest in his Maori heritage at all, get in now & learn while it is free.

      Good luck to you & your son.

      JA: I too support Maori people learning Te Reo Maori. If I were Maori, I’m sure I’d want to learn it. And I’m sure I’d want my children to, as well.

      (Just as if I were Polish, I’d want them to learn Polish.)

      My Taiwanese wife has made sure that her son, who grew up in New Zealand, knows Mandarin. But not by sending him to lessons -by speaking it at home.

      Yes, I sometimes feel shut out of the conversation, but I understand that it’s the best way for him to grow up bilingual.

      As far as non-Maori learning Te Reo is concerned, I think that should be optional.

      I personally find it interesting to know the meaning behind Maori place names, and have enjoyed researching the words in the Tiriti o Waitangi.

      1. You probably know more Te Reo Maori than i do John. He he. I will get there, but it is a slow process.

        I actually think Te Reo Maori should be optional full stop. I am completely opposed to compulsion. Something we agree on? Good stuff.

      2. Actually I personally don’t have an issue with Te Reo being compulsory to be taught in schools

        Yes I know it’s no use outside of NZ. Therefore English should be the main focus and principle language

        Yes I know it had no written form until Europeans invented it.

        Yes I know that half the words (or more) are modern inventions. But then any language changes. Shakespeare is not that easy to understand these days and if you go back further to the middle ages English can hardly be understood at all.

        To me the defining principle is that is is a language of NZ.

        But it should not be accompanied by all the nonsense that goes along with it – the obligatory Maori teachers, with their obligatory bone/greenstone necklaces, the treaty rubbish, the mystical cultural BS. Teach the language, its just a language like any other. Don’t try and pretend it has to be dressed up and cannot be taken in context unless it is. Elitist cr@p.

    2. I hear what you are saying there Mike. The Bible is another good example of how much language will change over time.

      The reason i am opposed to compulsion is because i don’t think a language will be retained as well by people who are compelled to learn as much as by people who choose to learn. For example, I was forced to take piano lessons as a kid. I could not play a single tune today. I chose to teach myself to play the guitar & still feel quite proficient at that even though i very rarely ever pick up a guitar these days. Maybe that is just me being a stubborn shit.

  2. In the first placard, the word should be “chiefs” not “chief’s”

    JA: Thank you. I spotted that while reading it at a meeting, and was horrified. Now fixed.

  3. I think you did well on the radio John. “Willy’s” introduction of you was insulting and put you off guard. Again you were outnumbered by two to one by very radical maoris who’d have so much to loose if the cause started to grow substantialy.
    I think most people listening to that would share your views. I think you did yourself a service.

  4. I enjoyed listening to your commonsense on radio live today. I am part Maori, but share your views. Time the pity party ended , Willie, JT, and co.

    1. Thank you, Anna. I hope my non-Maori supporters will understand when I say that your comments count double.

      I think I had Willie on the run when I asked him how many Maori he and JT speak for. I suspect they knows it’s only a minority.

      To prove my theory, people like you are going to have to stand up to people like Willie. That’s the challenge, and I know he’s rude, and I know it’s not easy for nice, mild-mannered people to stand up to the bullying, bombastic types.

      But take it from me, if you can do it, it feels good!

  5. Just out of interest, I’ve put this comment on the 3 news website of Tiriana Turia’s G4 Spectrum money grab. It’ll be interesting if they put it on.

    She really is the most dispicable, greedy, money grabbing parasite of a racist. This all about a money grab and nothing to do with mana. Money not mana is their aim. Lazy, fat, good for nothing, money hungry maori leaders are the cancer on this country. People of NZ are sick to death of seeing these vile people on our TVs making their unbelievable claims to ownership and the hard work of others. I expect John Key will keep it on the back burner for a Tribe Bribe for when he wants something out of them. He’s too weak to lead this country and gives in to these radicals all the time at some stage. He says ‘No’ then down the line does a deal behind closed doors to get some maori party votes in parliament.
    John Ansell for PM and stop this conning of an entire country by a small group of radicals and white appeasers who are to afraid to say the word “No”.

    1. Heard on radio this morning Manu Paul of the Maori Counciil complaining that the Govt were re-writing the Treaty. It appears the Govt already has re-written the Treaty in the tribes favour and he still can’t see it.

      1. Manu Paul speaks like he believes the country is behind his every word. The vast majority of people in this country are sick to death of seeing his and his money grabbing, greedy, lazy, fat, never done a days work in their privileged lives mates on our TVs asking for the air we breath, the water we drink, the radiowaves we listen to, and anything else they can put a price tag on.
        Greedy, money hungry, multi millionairs on the backs of the tax payers of NZ scum, that all they are.
        Strong words but that’s how they make me feel, especially when my voice and 80%+ of this country are ignored by the PC, maori controlled media.

  6. I was just on the radio and said to JT that his radio show was a propaganda service for radical maori. His response was something or other but he cut me off before I said anymore.
    @Don McKenzie. You’re bang on the button with that statement. The treaty was never about partnership, but giving maori the rights and privilege of British citizens. It is maori that have been allowed to rewrite history and the treaty itself, and now we’re all paying the price and will never stop paying.
    This country is done for if these cancerous radicals get their way. And with the near all politicians that we have in this country, not one of them will stand up to maori.
    JA should set up his political party forthwith and get that publicity, even if it is (at first) branded as the Far right fascist nazi party it has to be done.

    1. I believe a lot of people would vote for such a party in the privacy of a polling booth.

      But would they tell a pollster they supported it?

      (Good poll results would be necessary to convince people that they wouldn’t be wasting their vote – especially important considering many would be sacrificing, for the first time, the option of voting for their usual preferred party, and for all other policies but ours.)

      In a recent Californian referendum, the state’s citizens rejected gay marriage, even though the polls said they supported it. This suggests that people are reluctant to express their true opinions on controversial issues to pollsters.

      Just as importantly, would enough people have the guts to be seen to be a member of such a party? Would they stand as candidates for it, fundraise for it, organise meetings for it?

      Would enough people be prepared to endure the racist abuse that I get many times a day?

      Would enough people be prepared to risk encountering the violence that is such a feature of the Griever Maori culture, a taste of which Mike Butler and I experienced at Waitangi?

      These are the questions I’m asking.

      I’m not questioning my commitment. I’m questioning yours.

      1. Of course you’re right John.
        I can’t see people driving round Christchurch with “Vote for John Ansell” stickers on their cars for fear of retribution, or knocking on doors in Aranui looking for votes for what that they would percieve as ‘The anti maori party’. There would be plenty of support, but it would be hidden support, never to see the light of day.
        We’re really up against it alright.
        It just so happens that my daughter said to me today that her friends at school were talking about maori now wanting to lay claim to the radiowaves, and how sick they are of the whole lot of them (Maori council, party and Co).

      2. Even in my job if I were found out to be a follower of John Ansell and believed in what he stands for, I would be in the gun just for that. Although I wouldn’t be sacked, I would be watched carefully.
        Where I work the focus is almost all about what we can do for maori. Our logo is “If we are to succeed overall we are to succeed for maori”.
        I don’t understand why it has to be that way. The surreptitious emphasis is ‘the maori way is the right way’. Bare in mind all the negative stats about maori crime and they come out with things like this.

  7. Manu Paul can see it alright! He, Willie and JT, Turia, Sharples, Hone, the maori council, treaty tribunal, constitutional review panel, national party, labour party, greens, paper media, TV media can see it’s all one big MEGA CON; but it’s a con in their favour. They all get something from it and to hell with what the majority think (Democracy).
    The duplicitous media won’t give us the Poll as they’ve made that mistake once or twice before and the 80%+ shows its beautiful self.
    Yet the Willie and JT propaganda machine perpetrates the lies and cut all desenters as lunatics, loners, lie perpetraters and racists.

  8. We are all worse off for this disgusting treaty con, as hundreds of millions is being given to people at the very top of maoridom making them vast fortunes for nothing. Something really has to be done else this country will end up like Zimbabwe.

    1. I agree 100 percent.

      You say something has to be done. Again, I totally agree.

      I notice that your grievances here are focussed 100 percent in the present. Again, I agree 100 percent.

      But yesterday I was being shot down in flames for saying that the argument should be focussed in how everyday Kiwis are affected by everyday present day Maori privilege.

      So something must be done, you say. Such as for example, what?(btw, I have my own views on what can be done, but you will all jump down my throat, if I speak them, so your turn). Such as what?

      1. [Btw, I’m not buying an argument. So don’t turn it into one. I’m giving you a patsy question so you can sell what you are sellling. Tell us what you would be doing that others would find attractive to vote for next year instead of voting for their traditional parties.]

      2. If I knew the answers I’d be up there myself. All I do know is that I and many others I speak to are sick of it. I’m sick of having to shut my mouth when (at work) a maori or leftie walks in the room for fear of loosing my job because I’m some kind of anti maori racist, which is far from the truth.
        I don’t know what we can do, but I sure as hell know something has to be done. The might of the media is against us and our cause.
        What are your views? Share them with us and we can discuss it.

  9. Thanks for the invitation to discuss it, Marvin. I’ll post my ideas very soon, but right now I admit to being somewhat shell-shocked by some the put-downs against me in the last 24 hours.

    But I will soon, after others have a chance to respond to my invitation. I believe I have some good ideas. I believe that John Ansell may have some even better ideas than I have. I’m hoping to hear about what the “official” plans might be in the very near future (or at least some time this side of the 2014 election).

      1. No, you are not included in it. Mainly the host and Gavin (whom Ngamoko suggested were the same people with multiple IDs, but Ngamoko got banned for suggesting it)

      2. Tropicana, this is a curious remark. As you say, and as Ngamoko and others found out, I am your host and you are my guest – though possibly not for much longer.

        Ngamoko was banned not because his accusation was true, but because it was a lie. I do not tell lies, and I do not tolerate those who say I do.

        My comments of the last 24 hours that seem to have offended you related to a particularly nasty man known to the Whangarei police. His name is also John. Another of his aliases was Tony Montana.

        If you were offended by my remarks, am I to assume that you are him?

    1. One idea I have had is to somehow get the new NZer’s of many diverse ethnic backgrounds to somehow support this new party that is in the process of being formed. A few that I have discussed these issues with are quite shocked to hear what the constitution will mean to them and their future in this country. The main gripe would appear to be they are neither part maori or (sssh pakeha).and the treaty means nothing to them.
      I am sure a lot of support in the way of votes would be forthcoming if this section of our society could be targeted effectively. And then again I may be quite wrong, what do other people think??

  10. I was under the impression that for a number of years now people taking out NZ citizenship had to pledge ‘to uphold the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi’

    Does anyone know if this is correct?

    I tend to think that all peoples need to be approached to join. There will be some from all backgrounds who disagree strongly and will object, some who disagree but can’t be bothered, some who like Manuel from Faulty Towers will go ‘Que?”, some who agree but can’t be bothered and some who agree and will support strongly. I don’t know that we will find any field of society essentially more productive than another.

    Except I wouldn’t bother campaigning on a marae.

  11. Marvin, I am horrified by the idea of being the focus of a personality cult like Winston First.

    I know you didn’t mean it that way, but I’ll use this excuse to state that no one will be asking anyone to vote for John Ansell.

    If we become a party, what we would be asking for would be the party vote – and only the party vote.

    We would stand individual candidates purely because we would get $20,000 per candidate for the fighting fund, and because they would be able to speak at local campaign meetings on behalf of the party.

    Any selfish candidate who intended to ask for even one personal vote would not be selected. If they did so after being selected they would be deselected.

    We would not want anyone to vote for those candidates unless they also voted for the party, and there is not much chance of anyone giving a single-issue party two votes.

    Anyone who thought they were doing the party a favour by voting for the party’s electorate candidate, and not for the party itself, would be a danger to the party.

    But we’re along way from all that yet. My focus is on a trust deed, then a website.

      1. Bob Jones is a very astute man, a favorable column or two from Sir Bob would be great publicity.
        My guess is he would be more inclined to comment once a solid structured organization is up and running.

        I loved his book “Letters”. From that plus the other books of his I’ve read (+ a t.v interview or two) I reckon with the party going you’d (wish it were we- but I fled) get some heavyweight support.

        But- first things first.

  12. I see on the news today the spineless Taupo triathlete organisers have reached a deal with Tuwharetoa Maori over the use of Lake Taupo. ‘The deal remains confidential’ they say so no one will know how much koha was extorted out of them.
    Hope the athletes have more guts than the organisers or they’ll give up as soon as they dip their toes in for the swim.

  13. Shocking news that they have given into ‘Maori’ over Lake Taupo. They should have cancelled everything in the name of racism which should not be tolerated in this country. Or changed where it was to be held, or just deleted the swim part of it. The whole affair was bribery and ‘they’ have perfected such a system down to a ‘T’. Shame on the Ironman race people for being sucked in to their downright greed.

    Yes, the rest of us will eventually be charged, as sure as night follows day. It won’t be long now.

    1. They may charge but I simply won’t pay, I would go there just so I can stick it to them if that’s what they tried doing, and getting a hiding would be the icing on the cake, lets see the media try and ignore that one.

    2. Thats Tax money too may I add . . . Yep, all you hard working sloggers are paying a tribe 1.5 million dollars a year so you can play and walk around our countries most incredible lake!

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