Some of my evidence

by John Ansell

I’m just about to go to Radio Live, so for the benefit of Radio Live listeners I’ve put up a few of the 210 slides I show in my talks.

I don’t have time to add the commentary till later, but hopefully you’ll see enough evidence to realise that Treatygate is disturbingly real.

If you want to read more, order the new book Twisting the Treaty. (See previous post.)

Maori had sold most of NZ by 1840

Apirana Ngata quote about Treaty 1

Apirana Ngata quote about Treaty 2

Apirana Ngata quote about Treaty 3

Wiremu Tamihana - Threat to Kill All Aucklanders

Governor Grey's Warning to Waikato

Cutting - Tikanga of Pakeha One of Aroha

Cutting - Would the Hauhaus Have Been As Merciful

Death toll in invasion of Parihaka in Taranaki - 0

Death toll in invasion of Chathams by Taranaki - 1,561

How much compensation for murdered settlers

Headstones of murdered settlers

Te Kooti's tribe compensated for damage to reputation Te Kooti's Hauhau's impaling Lavin children on bayonets

Te Rauparaha's tribe compensation for loss of marine empire

Te Rauparaha - Cannibalism, Battle of Kaiapoi

Te Rauparaha - Cannibalism - live woman's embryo

Taonga - 1820 deep

Hongi Hika - spear 4G radio spectrum

JA at Tamati Waka Nene memorial, Russell

Littlewood draft - all the people of New Zealand

Waipoua - evidence embargoed until 2063

 Ngai Tahu Final Settlement Act 1944